Zimmerman's sewn bind-off


I always struggle a bit with my bind-offs. Sometimes it's too loose and floppy, sometimes it's too tight. And if I am lucky, I am spot on and my bind-off edge is just right!

Most of the time, though, my bind-off is too tight and I try to loosen it up by binding off with a larger needle than the needle I am working with. If I  am working on a piece with needle US#7, I will bind-off with needle US#9. 

All in all, I am always fighting with my bind-off. Remember my blog post way back when in which I wonder if there is a stretchy bind-off technique?

A couple of knitters advised me to use Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off technique and today I finally tried it!

Knitting without tears

Legendary Elizabeth Zimmerman claims to have invented the sewn bind-off technique and she writes about it in her book "Knitting without tears". 


I've read about Zimmerman's sewn bind-off technique on several blogs on the net and a lot of master knitters have recommended it to me. Fortunately, I own "Knitting without tears" and sure enough on page 23 Zimmerman explains her "Sewn Casting off".


Although Zimmerman does a fantastic job explaining her brilliant technique, a video tutorial I found on youtube helps the imagination. 

I have tried this technique today and I am wondering... why didn't I try this earlier. I love it. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman. What a great lady, I want to hug her.

My bind-off edge looks neat and not sloppy. Most importantly, it's stretchy!


Here are a couple of  links regarding stretchy bind-offs:

Weebleknits: Stretchy Bind Offs

Stitch Diva's: Knit tutorial Stretchy Bind Off

Do you have a favorite bind-off technique? Share so that we all can benefit from it!

The Holiday Season

I went to Union Square the other day and was so surprised to see that the Holiday Market already was in full swing. Does time fly, or what?




To my American readers: are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am proud to say I already did all of my Thanksgiving groceries and I am so ready. 

Bring it on, I say.

This Wednesday, me and my husband will go to Central Park to watch the preparations of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. We will watch the huge balloons being blown up, I can hardly wait.

As always, you will be there right with me!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry...





Same to you! Happy

Same to you! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Here is a reference to other

Here is a reference to other ways to bind-off, including one for ribbing. I have not had occasion to use it, but may be worth a try. (If you look at this, do read the first comment at the bottom for a good chuckle :-)  www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2009/11/23/binding-off-advanced-techniques.aspx Another tip is here www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2009/09/21/knitting-tips-and-tricks-an-a-ha-moment.aspxHope these help, at least a little. :-)    


Excellent tips! Huge help, thanks for these very useful links, much much appreciated!


Seeing your pictures of the

Seeing your pictures of the Holiday Market made me want to jump right into the photo and be in there in person! Oh how I would love to have similar here.  I only recently learned of the sewn bind-off and have not tried it, but a couple of years ago learned of two simple and similar stretchy bind-off's and that is what I have used since. I like the simplicity, stretchiness, and the finished look of them, so haven't tried anything else.  The website address is www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2008/07/30/a-stretchier-bind-off.aspx    See what you think. 

LOVE that stretchy bind-off

I LOVE the bind-off technique you are referring to! I had forgotten I used it for my Flower Basket Lace scarf by Evelyn E. Clark. 

Evelyn recommended this technique in her pattern and I was in awe. Just like you, I like the simplicity, stretchiness and finished look. Graceful.

In both this very technique and Elizabeth Zimmerman's I apprciate that you don't need to pull a stitch over another stitch.

Must do a blog post about different bind-offs!

bind off

I have bind off problem too, either too tight or too loose. Just unravelled the binding off of the cardigan and undid it again. I may take a try of it. J


Oooh, congratulations of nearly completing a cardigan! 

Does your cardi have a ribbing were you bind off, J? And did you bind off in ribbing pattern?

You could try binding off with the regular method and using a larger needle to bind off. I am not sure how the sewn bind off will look on an entire edge of ribbing. 

I would say, try it for a little length and see how you like the look of it... 

Good luck and let me know how your cardi looks all finished :)

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