You are invited to a little party!

Dear reader, You are invited to a little:



6 PM- 8PM


Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

Many happy reasons to throw a little party

It has been exactly one year since I decided to go ahead and publish some of my patterns. Remember how I had my fears about doing that? Remember how insecure I was about doing that?

Today I am so very happy that I took the jump and contacted graphic designers to work with me.

JK3 This is it5

I also jumped into photography with models and I have to say, it has been a wonderful journey.

And even readers of this blog helped me with picking a photo for a pattern!

Sally Hat2 This is it2

I had a lot of fun putting my patterns together and I am even happier that you all came to the yarnshop Closeknit to purchase my patterns. I cannot tell you how amazed and grateful I am every time a pattern of mine is sold. I can just hug and kiss you for it!

I would love to meet you...

Every time I make a blogpost, I sit by myself behind my computer, hoping that somebody out there will read my blog. Some of you leave me nice comments and it makes me so happy every time!

However, I cannot see my readers from behind my computer... And I so would love to meet you. For reals.

So if you have the time this coming Friday, come on by. I would love to shake your hand and thank you for reading this little blog of mine.

Some gifts for those who attend the party!

On Friday November 6th during the party, I will give out two free fingerless glove patterns.

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves:

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

And Simple Long Fingerless Gloves:

Simple Long Fingerless Gloves

I have knitted these fingerless gloves in many different yarns and they will be showcased during the party! So come on by and receive these free patterns, I so want you to have them!


I also will have a trunkshow of all my patterns that I have put out so far. You can touch, feel, and see how the knitted patterns look like in person. I am so excited!!!

DSC_1575 Evaluating GPWI51 Sally Hat2JK16 This is it5 JK5 JK2 PapaJonCowl

For those who don't live in Portland, Oregon...

Those who follow this blog and cannot attend the party because you all live elsewhere, don't worry. I got your back...

On the day of the party, Friday November 6th I will post a blogpost. If you come on by that day, and leave me a comment, I will reply to you and send you those two free fingerless gloves patterns. Promise.

I so hope to see some of you coming Friday at the yarnshop. Don't forget! It starts at 6pm! Wheeeee!

Thank you for reading!


Just heard about your shop,

Just heard about your shop, website and free fingerless gloves pattern. I'd love to have the pattern you shared in your event earlier this month. I will look forward to a visit to your shop.

Hi - I love your patterns.

Hi - I love your patterns. Wish I lived there so I could attend your get together, but I'd love your pattern for the fingerless gloves. One of my daughters just asked me to make a pair after seeing your website.

Hi, Wish we lived in the big

Wish we lived in the big city occasionally so I could visit all of these fun knitting events. Maybe you could do a trunk show and class in Bend sometime. Would love to try those fingerless gloves for my daughter-in-law. Have a knitting fun time tonight.
Thanks for the pattern

Hope to make it over there on

Hope to make it over there on Friday during the day to see the trunk show if it's out early. I have a busy night so I'll miss your time at the shop. Congrats on great designs and a book.

Congrats!!! What hat are you

Congrats!!! What hat are you wearing in the last photo!? Its STUNNING!

Congratulations! That is a

Congratulations! That is a milestone, indeed.

Unfortunately, I live too far

Unfortunately, I live too far away to attend, but I wish you much success, and I will stop by your blog on Friday. Thanks!

Congratulations on your year

Congratulations on your year of publishing! Sadly, I won't be able to stop by the shop on Friday, but I'll be thinking of you and your celebration. Have fun -- I hope you are proud of yourself. =)

Hi! I am hoping to get in


I am hoping to get in for your trunk show. Congrats! You have so many amazing knits, can't wait. I always love to come to the shop and see what your latest knitted item is.

Also, I was in the shop in early Oct. and we talked about your adaptation of the Felicity hat of Ravelry (right?). I returned from that Bali vacation and was to get in touch with you and make that cool hat! How do I get the pattern? I am glad to purchase if you have a copy.

Salud and thank you.

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