Yarn Lustings and Photography


Yarnlustings and Photography7

I still haven't been knitting much other than my poppies...  Still love to make them, they still make me smile and tickle me beyond belief. Having no major project on my needles does not make me lust any less over yarn though! Come on let's take a look what yarn I have taken home with me, simply because I could not resist.

Yarn that makes this knitter purrrr like a little kitten

A few weeks ago, me and my co-workers Jenni and Adrienne set out to visit some yarnstores in Portland. At the yarnshop "An Abundant Yarn" in Sellwood, I ended up buying some wonderful wonderful light worsted weight alpaca by the brand Cascade Yarns:

Yarnlustings and Photography1

A good latte, a danish pastry and some Eco Alpaca, 100% Undyed Baby Alpaca...purr purr!  I am thinking a nice cardi come wintertime! Next up some yarns from the brand Malabrigo... Look at this wonderful Malabrigo Laceweight colorway Velvet Grape:

Yarnlustings and Photography3

Hmmm hmmm, how delicious. I have no clue what I am going to make with it. All I know is that this colorway simply rocks my world.  Also delicious is Malabrigo's sockyarn. Sally bought some skeins and let me tell you, it simply flew out of the yarnshop! So soft and silky feeling...meow!

Yarnlustings and Photography9

Say what? You didn't get yourself some?

Eh...what can I say? You snooze, you lose!

Ah...that magical thread called yarn. I will always keep on lusting over it.

Playing around with my camera

Lately, I have been spending time with my Nikon DSLR D40 again. Just like when I was a newbie knitter, this newbie amateur photographer is soaking up all the knowledge she can get her hands on!

It's a steep learning curve for sure, but I am having lots of fun! 

Yesterday, I let my poppies pose for me, luckily they were willing subjects.

Hmmm...what will happen if I shoot them at aperture f/6.3 with shutterspeed 1/60:

Yarnlustings and Photography4

Cute. I like. But I want the background more blurry! Silky and Smooth green background! What to do, what to do? 

Hmmm... let me open up the aperture some more...say like f/1.8:

Yarnlustings and Photography5

Yay! I am finally getting it!

And now that I have figured out how to do that smooth and silky background, I of course am obsessed with it!

Yarnlustings and Photography6 Yarnlustings and Photography3 Yarnlustings and Photography2

Topping off with some goodies I got at T-spot

I had heard about this fairly new yarnshop in Manzanita at the Oregon Coast and of course I had to go visit last week!

It was a sweet find and I had such a nice talk with the owner Olga. She just made my day with her sweet and uplifting energy. 

I will write more about Olga and her precious T-spot store but for now I am going to leave you with some goodies I took home with me:

Yarnlustings and Photography13

Some loose leaf tea, several bars of delicious out of this world chocolate, and a superpower stringdoll called Purl. 

Yarnlustings and Photography14

Now wouldn't this make for a great great gift for your secret yarn exchange pal??? Some chocolate, tea and yummy yarn all cutely wrapped up in a box... oh yeah...

Again, more about Olga and T-spot in a later post!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry.


Nancy, Just read your last

Nancy, Just read your last few entrys and they were great you are really moving towards what you have been talking about. Also I want one of those yarn dolls!

I'm trying to learn how to

I'm trying to learn how to take good photos on my camera, too (Nikon D50). I'm going to try out your settings. Isn't it fun to learn new things?

Nice job on the photos & the

Nice job on the photos & the knits! Coolest poppy photos I've seen.

Love those poppies!

Love those poppies!

love the pics nancy, and love

love the pics nancy, and love purl.

I'm knitting with Malabrigo

I'm knitting with Malabrigo Sock right now, and it is wonderful to work with!

Have fun with your camera!

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