Why do you knit?


It is only 4 years ago that knitting came into my life. I vividly remember the day that my friend Mary gave me some black worsted weight yarn, number 7 needles and away I went.

Knitting couldn't have come to me at a better time...because right about that time 4 years ago, I was about to go crazy out of my mind. And knitting, literally saved me.

Feeling lonely on the road


It was in March 2006 when we found ourselves in Pittsburgh, Pennsylviania. By that time we had traveled to so many different US cities because of my husband's job and although it was an exciting experience, at some point I grew pretty lonely.

I missed my family and friends in the Netherlands terribly and there were nights I would lay awake fighting back the tears.

Because we were on the road, it was nearly impossible for me to build up a new circle of acquaintances and friends and it became very clear to me that one needs that in their live. I longed for a friend to call me to have a cup of coffee somewhere and I longed to just hang out with a group of friends and chatter and laugh.

With a husband working from early in the morning to very late at night for 6 days a week, I grew more and more lonely in each new city we visited. I just didn't know what to do with myself and slowly slipped into a depression.

Little did I suspect that wooly yarns and clicking needles would come to my rescue.

How knitting gave me solace 


From the first time I touched the yarn and needles and learned how to cast on, knit and purl I was able to put aside my feelings of loneliness.

The soft feeling of yarn gliding through my fingers and the friendly clicking of my bamboo needles gave me solace and helped me focus to not slide further into a deeper depression.

With every stitch I made I was pulled up just a bit higher until I felt better again and was able to enjoy the long days in hotel rooms by myself. My mind was occupied with knit stitches and purl stitches and I was just simply hold spellbound by this gentle activity. 

We became very good friends, knitting and me. It was there whenever I was need in some company, it cheered me up whenever I felt a bit down, and it brought a smile upon my face whenever I would finish a project.

We all have our own story with knitting

Over the years many knitters that crossed my path told me their story with knitting. Some stories are happy and light hearted and some stories really left me with tears in my eyes and a knot in my stomach.

No matter what the story behind your knitting is, I think they are all very interesting and worthy of sharing.

So now comes my question to you: Why do you knit? How did it come into your life? And what does it mean to you now?

If you are willing to tell your story here on Getting Purly With It, write me using the contact form and tell me your story! 

I would love to hear from you...

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!






hi nancy

hi nancy,


thank you for sharing your story. a lovely german lady who is the mother to a lovely guy that i was going out with (when i was 21) introduced me to sock knitting. i knitted 3 pairs altogether within the 1 year period we were together. i even created a diamond pattern (by inserting a different coloured yarn - i think it is or is probably closed to intarsia knitting) into the 3rd pair of the sock i knitted - which his mother thought was something she would not do as it took a lot of effort to do so.

i didnt knit until 2 years ago (which was 20 years later).

i was in a mall walking aimlessly (after going inside a fitness shop) and chanced upon a knitting shop on the same floor and row as the fitness shop. i walked in, mesmerised by the beauty of the knit & crochet works, astounded by how pricey a knitted top cost and decided it is cheaper to buy yarn from the same shop and gain knitting knowledge from the free knitting lessons that come with the yarn purchase.

i was also in a challenging relationship at that time and notice how the act of knitting helped me in regulating my emotions better during our fights.

i am still very new at knitting and look forwarding to knit and design beautiful apparels.





Different Stories, Same Satisfaction

It has been several years since this post.  I just found your site today, and wanted to comment.  During the first 11 years of our marriage, my husband and I moved 14 times.  The more frequent moves were due to Uncle Sam's need to move military men frequently.  Then, after being released from active duty, we spent the next several years being moved around by Kmart, as he was in the management treining program.  The last 33 years have been stable for us though, and I am sure your life will eventually stabilize also.  

I already knew how to knit when we got married.  I had learned at 7 from Nana and Mom picked up where she left off.  Knitting has made me feel like I had a purpose, when nothing else made sense.  Knitting lets me know that I have the ability to find people who share a love of fiber, yarn, and creation with me no matter where I go.  Friends I made in Philadelphia are now showing up in New York City.  Knitting gives me a love to share with others, including my daughter and granddaughter.  Knitting is far less expensive than many other things I can think of, and even though it is addictive, it is a "healthy" addiction.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your story. I have made many connections through my love of fiber and knitting. That soft thread is my social life line.

A time to be ME!

My God! I never asked myself why I love knitting ... maybe it's just the challenge of discovering what is beyond the needles and yarns ... maybe it is time stolen from the routine of the days in which I can make mistakes and break all over again without having to meet someone or meet a deadline ... Wow! you got me there! Imagine ... what makes a Tropics' woman to yearn to understand the mind of Elizabeth Zimmermann and his genius? This is knitting for me!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!

Why I knit

I knit because, as a little girl, I saw my mother knit and her knitting was so perfect that I wanted to be just like here. It's something I'll never forget. Now I'm as good as her - in fact I may have surpassed her as knitter. :D

I wrote an entire blog post about this phenomenon here: http://www.heavydutydesign.com/alicethelma/2009/02/why-i-knit

...Great topic Nancy!

Barbie clothing

Aww, Chris, what a great reason to knit: to be like your Mom! 

How sweet she knitted clothing for Barbie...

Why I knit

I have no story, sad or happy. I knit because I am a lot of things - mom, wife, housekeeper, diaper changer, laundress etc... Without an outlet for my creativity, I start to feel bogged down, as if there is little more to me than bandaid applier or tooth fairy. While sewing, quilting and scrapbooking are time intensive and messy, knitting can be done one row at a time in those stolen moments during naps or the lull in the afternoon. Knitting reminds me that I am a creative being who has more to offer than just a clean toilet and happy children. I love my job, but I knit so that I don't loose myself in it.

This is your story!

This IS your story! It is keeping your identity as a creative being.Something that is you and for you.

Hold on to that creative outlet! 

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