In which Aretha is making me scream and dance!

This morning I woke up with a slight headache (0y, knitnight at Close Knit's sure gets rowdy at times), jumped into the shower, put up some fine soulful Aretha Franklin and screamed and danced to her "don't play that song for me". Then shot some pics of the yarn I got in Colorado, poured me a cup of espresso with lotsa sugar and got ready for today's blog entry". And now I am all hyped up, cranking up the system cuz sister Franklin's voice needs to be enjoyed in full force...Suck it to me, Aretha!!! Now... get ready for some serious yarn pictures...

Shower of flowers Yarn Shop

Guess who I, besides my husband, visited in Denver, Co? Mary! And of course she had to take me to a yarnshop. We went to Showers of Flowers in Lakewood right on W. Colfax Avenue. I found some precious Colorado yarn over there..

From the brand Interlacements I got two skeins of Toasty Toes with a deep color of bleu and green. It made me think of peacock's feathers: Toasty toes bluetoasty toes green

Also some Interlacements, two red balls of Little Toes:

Interlacements Little toes

From the brand Mountain Colors, I chose two skeins of the prettiest pastel colored sock yarn:

mountain weaver's woolmountain weaver's sagebrush

I kept it ahem... pretty decent and acted civilized in Showers of Flowers, but had no idea what I was gett into once I got to Boulder, Co, where I visited a Yarn Walhalla called Shuttles Spindles and Skeins...

Weak in the presence of yarn beauty at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins

Last Saturday I hopped on the regional bus from downtown Denver to Boulder. I was very excited because I LOVE Boulder... I did a yarnshop search on, figured out how to get there and off I went.

The busride from Denver was mesmerizing. I was chatting like a little bird with the friendly busdriver who was telling me all about the Rocky Mountain range which we could see in the West. We were exchanging travel experiences and talked about the wondrous mountains and rock formation spots in the USA: Moab in Utah, Garden of the Gods in Co, Sedona in AZ, Yosemite in CA and Mount Helen and Mount Hood in OR to name a few. Once in Boulder, the busdriver dropped me off at the Table Mesa Shopping Centre where Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins is located.

Let me tell you this: As soon I set foot in Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins, my heart rate went up, I lost all sense of inhibitations and ran around in circles screaming of joy. The purchases you may wonder?

From the Brand Lonesome Stone, two skeins of 100% Alpaca. OMG, they are SO YUMMY!!! On the right, colorway CranBrule, on the left colorway Seasons of Joy:

LoneSome Stone CranBruleLoneSome Stone Season of Joy

From the same brand, two of the most cutest skeins of Mountain Feet sock yarn, colorway Charcoal and Teal: LoneSome Stone mountain feet

And finally from LoneSome Stone, another skein of Mountain Feet, only a bigger one and in colorway Shades of Plum: Shades of Plum

And just when I thought I had everything my heart yearned for, this woman holds up a Lantern Moon basket in front of my face like a dangling carrot. I gaze at it, then roll my eyes at the lady and sighed: "Why do you do this to me???" I couldn't resist and daydreamt of the cute skeins of yarn that would fit into this basket...:

Lantern Moon Yarn BasketPeek in the basket

Oy... What can I say? I am utterly weak in the presence of yarn beauty... Now if you all excuse me, I am going to fill up my bathtub with skeins and balls of yarn, take off my clothes and soak in it...

Shades of Plumtoasty toes greenToasty toes bluePeek in the basketmountain weaver's woolmountain weaver's sagebrushLoneSome Stone mountain feetLoneSome Stone Season of JoyLoneSome Stone CranBruleInterlacements Little toesLoneSome StoneInterlacements


Ahh, your yarn looks

Ahh, your yarn looks delicious! The last time I visited those areas of Colorado, i was not a knitter. Now that I am, I'm in hicksville with no yarn shops. My poor husband. He hasn't a clue what our next trip to Colorado will entail. Thanks for the reviews of those shops! ;-)

Happy bathing ! Sounds like

Happy bathing !
Sounds like you had a REAL GOOD time in those yarnshops !
Isn't it just wonderful to fondle all those new skeins ?

Oh wow, wow, wow...I'm in

Oh wow, wow, wow...I'm in awe. Thanks for the "yarn p0rn"-- looking at other people's purchases satiates me enough to keep my own purchases on the moderate side. (I'm saving up for my return to higher education in the fall.)

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