Where's my Muse?

I am searching for my muse... I haven't seen her around in a bit and am anxiously awaiting her return. She comes to me in many forms and when she appears before me, I always recognize her immediately.

Last time we had an encounter, she appeared to me as a burlesque dancer during an art exhibit at the COBRA Museum in Amsterdam, December 2009:


As soon as I saw her dancing and prancing around with her bright blue and red feathers, I was hold spellbound and wanted to knit something naughty. 

Her free, unapologetic, feminine and sexy energy stuck with me and I was able to translate it several months later in my Lana Gloves:


A rendition of the traditional feather and fan stitch pattern is used in this design and you can see the red and blue return in this image. 

I wanted to convey a beautiful and sensual woman without exuding an obvious sexual mood. "Va Va Voom" without the tackiness, sort of.

Just wanted to show you how my brain works. How an image sparks inspiration, dances around in my head and finally comes out in a design. 

The Lana Gloves have been getting quite some attention since it has been featured on Knittingpatterncentral.com a few weeks ago and I am very thankful for that. Also, coming Monday they will be featured on Yarnonthehouse.com and I heard a little bird tell me that they will also be featured soon on the CloseKnitportland blog.

Thanks so much all, it feels so good when a design is appreciated!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!





I love to hear about the Muse as she appears to other creative people. Congratulations on your Lana gloves getting some time in the spotlight! They are lovely.

The muse

Ah... I welcome the muse. I love it when she comes by :)

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