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I am very busy packing and running around doing all kinds of stuff and have absolutely no time to blog! I can however, show you one of my favorite blogpost called "Where have you been". I wrote this in July 2007. Enjoy...

Where have you been..?

"I have always been here, you silly. Waiting for you to open the gates..."

~ Inspiration

This morning I heard a firm knock on my front door. It woke me up immediately and a sweet sense of excitement bloomed in my heart. With my hair still ruffled and my eyes swollen from a good night's rest I rushed to the front door, unlocked it and swung it wide open.

Blooming excitement

A gentle morning breeze caressed my face and I smiled from ear to ear as I set sight on my visitors: several swirling energetic colors, some fine spun yarn, a croaking toad, a honeybee, some rays of sunlight, laughing fuchsias, timid pansies, a pair of bamboo needles, written words, embracing light tones of music, secrets of life, deep conversation, giggling forest fairies, a sea of Love and... and... and so much more sweetness gracing my front porch.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!", I cry out.

My visitors all look at me as they morph into one being of Inspiration and reply: "I have always been here, you silly. Waiting for you to open the gates."

Open the gates

Comfortable in Monotone Simplicity

Knit 4, bring yarn to front of work in one gracious movement, purl 4, bring yarn to back of work in another gracious movement.

Repeat 4 times more, turn work, feel the yarn while it caresses your fingers. Now start with purl 4, bring yarn to back of your work, don't forget to be gracious in your movement, knit 4.And repeat 4 more times...

Over and over and over again, row after row. Slip slip knits, yarnovers, knit two togethers, knit three togethers, wrap and turns are all not present.

It is just me, the yarn, the needles and the two most basic stitches of all stitches; Knit and Purl. We are happy and satisfied in the soothing drone of Monotone Simplicity.

Square after square

One little square after another is completed with so many different dk and very light worsted yarns: Rowan cashsoft, Artyarns Supermerino, Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat, Lonesome Stone 100% Alpaca, Araucania, Colinette, Misti Alpaca and Mountain colors.


The stack of little squares is getting higher and higer, the strands of yarn form a colorful streaming river.

mountain and river

I squint my eyes when I detect the pattern floating among the many strands.

I approach it and ask: "Pattern... it is time to write you down and reveal you. Do I have your permission?"

It looks at me and teasingly replies: "No. Not untill I say so. First you seam that mountain of squares into little gloves."

I sigh and reluctantly gaze at the stack of squares. The pattern continues: "It may look like a mountain and nearly impossible to conquer, but trust me, seaming is not that hard. Take a deep breath, make the darning needle your friend, and seam. It is merely the last step in your journey of creation."

Now if you all excuse me. I have a mountain to seam.


Loving your blog

Hi Nancy!I really miss your presence at the store and am glad we can keep up with you in this way. I love handing out your cards to inquiring knitters....Your open and generous site is a blessing to many.It's fun working at the shop now. I am reminded of all those skeins you wound for me during the time you were working here.Keep up the great work. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and process so freely.: ) 

Thanks, Kristin!What a

Thanks, Kristin!What a wonderful world we are allowed to play in, yes? So much fun!

I love this post. Everything

I love this post. Everything about it. The words, the photos, the colors! :)

Hi Renna! So good to hear

Hi Renna! So good to hear from you! Over the past months, I have often wondered about you and how you are doing. You are one of the first ones to read my blog when I started it in 2007 and I am happy you are still keeping in contact with me. So very much appreciated! Allthough you have been missed in the blogosphere, I do understand taking a break. Many bloggers do, including me. Again, so good to hear from you my dear friend! Nancy

Nancy, I've been away from

Nancy, I've been away from blogging for quite awhile (writing reading), so I was completely out of the loop of all that's going on with you. On one hand, I'm amazed at all you've done in the past year, and on the other hand, I'm not amazed at all, considering it's you. I knew from the first time I read your blog (when I won your lovely fingerless gloves!) what a go-getter you are.

I'm thrilled for you that you are setting up your own website. I still foresee a book of your designs in your future. ;-) My jaw was dropping, looking over all your pretty creations, so many of which I can hardly wait to try. You are such an inspiration, and not just for knitting, either. Your positive attitude and outlook is contageous. God bless you on your new ventures! :-)

Yes, it IS everywhere, right

Yes, it IS everywhere, right at your doorstep, all around you.
All you have to do is open that gate and let it in. It is really that simple.
But so many times, we forget, or don't see it or can't see it because there are obstacles in the way... Oh the times I have lamented because I couldn't feel the Inspiration!!! 
But no more! Let's all harvest and get the juiciest cherries of inspiration out there and share! Is fun :)

Thanks for the reminder about

Thanks for the reminder about inspiration. It really is everywhere, isn't it? Good luck with the packing and moving.

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