Trunkshow at La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe




Last Tuesday my latest trunkshow kicked off at La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn.

I was planning on writing about this weeks ahead to keep you all informed, but alas, suddenly it became so busy in my life that I completely dropped the ball.

What can I say... I have been horribly busy knitting other people's designs. Ah, but moving forward now while I am putting my excuses aside!

Come have a glass of wine with me at La Casita!

Jade Sapphire Yarns

My trunkshow in which my designs for Jade Sapphire are being showcased started last Tuesday and will stay at La Casita until coming Tuesday.

This Friday September 16, you are invited to come have a glass of wine and nibble on some cheese with me while you peruse my designs.

I would love for you to drop by and chit chat about knitting and yarn!

Jade Sapphire Yarns

And if you ever wondered how it feels to knit with handspun mink/cashmere, I will tel you all about it.

Of course you can touch, feel and try on the knitted items. 

See you there? I sure do hope so!

My very best to you, 

Nancy Ricci


Audrey gloves

Hi There, I visited La Casita in September.  Purchased your Audrey glove patternand the matching hat too.  My daighter got the other glove pattern as well.  With the band across it.  Can't remember the name of it right now!  Ifinished 2 pairs as gifts already.  can't wait to make myself the hat and a pair too! Love your work!!!!Kindly, Lisa

synchronicity in yarn & cities

Nancy, Just back from a great Wednesday night knit group at Close Knit, I found that post at Knitty City about YOU. Your comments there abiout the importance of yarn shops and how much they provide fiber artists are so important.  As we left tonight several shared about that.  What Ron and I once had in NYC at Knitty City is now possible here in Portland.Very happy all goes well for you as knit designer and life in general in the City.  yours, naomi

Hi Naomi,  How beautiful, we

Hi Naomi, 

How beautiful, we traded cities, you now in Pdx and I am in NYC.

I love Knitty City, Pearl and everybody at this yarn shop have been so nice to me. NYC is very exciting, but I do miss the Portland knitters!

My best, 


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