Trunk Show at La Casita's





I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a trunk show of my designs at La Casita's in Brooklyn!

Flowers at La Casita's Nancy Ricci Patterns

My trunk show will kick off tomorrow and will be held all week until Sunday January 16. I will be personally present all day all week and I would very much love to meet you and chit chat with you while you try on my designs!

Lana           Sally Hat2         JK3

Also, La Casita's is show casing gorgeous vintage buttons. And you know me with buttons... I LOVE BUTTONS. Especially when they are vintage!

Oh heavens, this is going to be so much fun...

DSC_0299 Vintage buttons

So, come on by and we will have a glass of Cava, or a glass of wine and just let's have fun and enjoy all the beautiful material that makes me fall in love with yarn and knitting more and more every day.

Mohair yarn Tristan Scarf mink_yarn_jade_sapphire3

And if you haven't been to La Casita's yet, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. It is a sweet little shop, with a big loving heart. Rest assured that you will feel welcome and appreciated! 

Yarn, vintage buttons, lots of cool patterns and a bunch of fun knitters to hang out with? Oooooh, sign me up!

I will see you there, yes? Don't miss out, my friend, let's have a good time...

Sunday Afternoon8

GETTING PURLY WITH IT trunk show and Vintage Buttons at La Casita in Brooklyn

Tuesday January 11 through Sunday January 16

For more information: CLICK HERE!





Let me check my schedule this week and maybe able to stop by to say hi. J

Hope you can make it, J :)

Hope you can make it, J :)

Trunk Show

Nancy,Wishing you the best at Getting Purly With It's trunk show.  Kick back relax and have fun. Sharon

Thank you, Sharon!!!

Thank you, Sharon!!!

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