Treasure Hunting: Finding the Gems and Jewels

Don't you just love it when you, just by accident, find the most precious and well hidden knitting and crochet gems and jewels? And I love it even more when I share these treasures with my fiber friends and I can say: Lookie what I found! Inside Pottery Above picture is some beautiful pottery. I was just so taken by it without even knowing why. At the counter, the owner of the shop asked me: "Did you notice that the artist uses doilies to make these?" close up inside My eyes got bigger and although I did not immediately noticed, I recognized the intricate pattern and sighed of pure amazement. And when the owner flipped the plate over, I screamed: Outside Pottery close up backside I have never ever seen such beautiful pottery! Many thanks pottery artist Barbara Krieg! Today, when browsing through a consignment store, on the prawl for any knitted and crochet related treasures, I found this: Doily WHOA! Can you see the similarity? close up insidedoily close up What do I have on the needles right now? You might have seen the gloves I made for our Seattle Hostess? Hostess wearing gloves I am at this moment figuring out, and test knitting again and again that very same pattern. I am using different kinds of yarn to see how the pattern holds up: BW1BW2BW3 Notice the cute little one! Once I am satisfied with everything, I will write the pattern out and issue it. I have also been requested to write my patterns in the round, so I will provide that as well. BW4 Just give me a bit of time and it will all be issued for those interested!


Enjoy your blog so much and

Enjoy your blog so much and greatly admire your design talent.
Hope you will write up your "Seattle Hostess Mitts" pattern shortly as I would love to give them a try.
I plan to also knit up "Emanelle" as soon as you post that pattern.
I prefer the flat knit to the round so hope you will write up both versions.
Thank you so much for sharing your intereting life as well as your wonderful knitting with all of us.

Nancy ~ You lift me up with

Nancy ~ You lift me up with delight by your unique verse and story telling, your beautiful photographs, and just the way you look at life as art. Thanks!

Nancy- I sent you the stitch

I sent you the stitch markers a couple of weeks ago and never heard from you as to whether you received them or not. This concerns could you please tell me if you got them??? I know o the two winners someone wrote me back that she did get them however I threw the e-mail away but I do believe it was the other winner, so just please let me know.

Beautiful and inspiring

Beautiful and inspiring pictures. I look forward to your patterns in the round, as I'm a terrible seamer.

I know how blessed your Seattle hostess must have felt receiving a pair of gorgeous gloves from you. ;-)

Wow. So much fun Nancy! Keep

Wow. So much fun Nancy! Keep it up.

That's a real treasure you

That's a real treasure you found ! Very lovely., that is gorgeous!, that is gorgeous! I'm the kind of person that would totally display the most decadent yarny treasures in that, and dare anyone to deny that it's art!

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