Take me Home to the Place I Belong

A trip to Denver, Colorado

I am always so nervous when I have to travel... My usually calm being is all messed up and I become this neurotic, antsy person. Do I have everything packed? Did I lock every window? Where's my passport? Did I print out my flightschedule? Are the plants and flowers going to be fine? Is the house going to be fine? I drive myself crazy I tell ya... Finally, I closed the door behind me and off I went to the airport to catch my flight to Denver, Colorado to meet my husband who is over there for business.

Boarding Pass

The procedures at the airport make me even more nervous...especially when I have to go through security: Take shoes off, pull laptop out, take coat off, darn it, I hope they won't take away my needles! Any liquids ma'am? No liquids, officer... only yarn and needles... Once through security, I got myself a coffee, found a quiet area and pulled out a skein of Manos del Uruguay which I wanted to handwind into a centre pull ball in order to calm me down. There is something soothing about looking at yarn and feeling it sliding through my fingers...


I sat down in lotus position, draped the skein over my knees, and started winding ever so slowly untill I refound my usual calm being.

untwisted skein start centerpull ball Growing

By the time I had to board the gigantic aluminum bird, my ball of Manos del Uruguay looked tight, crisp and so ready to be casted on!

Time to board

My flight to Denver was last Sunday, May 20... I was not thrilled to travel for reasons described above. And besides that, I so love my house and I so love being 'home' in Oregon... The past two years have been quite challenging for me with regard to being 'home'.

You see, I am from the Netherlands and had left my friends and family behind to marry the Love of my Life and live in the United States of America. It was sometimes confusing... where is my home, I would ask myself... In the Netherlands? Or in the United States of America?

I would comfort myself by saying that "home" is where you are loved... "home" is within your heart..."home" is where you belong... My flight was quick, I hastily jumped into a cab and could not wait to see my sweet husband. As I arrived in downtown Denver, there he was, waiting for me... We hugged each other tightly and guess what? It felt like home... "Come on, baby", he said to me smiling and took me by the hand, "let's get a soda".And as we walked away, I felt a delight in my whole being and nodded smiling while thinking, yes, right here with him is where I belong.

Me and my sweetheart

We got married in New York 2 years ago on May 19, 2005... and the day I arrived in Denver, May 20, 2007, we celebrated the first day of our 3rd year together...


Beautiful, just beautiful.

Beautiful, just beautiful. Your knitting is awesome, but you have a touching way with words too!


Oh, that was such a sweet and

Oh, that was such a sweet and romantic post. My honey is thousands of miles away and I won't be seeing him for a few more months...my heart smiles at your w ritings. :)

Congratulations :) And you

Congratulations :) And you are home where I belong - I miss colorado very much, though I lived further south than you're visiting. I hope the two of you have a lovely time!

Missed you at knitting club

Missed you at knitting club this morning. I loved reading this post. My sweetie and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary next month, and we are more in love than ever. Makes me smile; enjoy your time together!

That was beautiful.

That was beautiful.

I can understand the "home"

I can understand the "home" thing. I left Australia about 8 years ago to be with my hubby (an American.) I don't get back as often as I want to, in fact, I've only been home once since I left and that was 4 years ago! I still think of Australia as home though and it always will be no matter how much I like America.

Ahh, that's so sweet! I got

Ahh, that's so sweet! I got teary eyed reading it. I can't imagine having to be so far away from family and friends, but I can see how a love like that would make it all worth it.

Speaking of love, I LOVE the Denaedin gloves! The package arrived yesterday. They were beautiful in the pic on your blog, but they are STUPENDOUS on my hands. The yarn is positively luxurious, and they are knit to perfection. It was so thoughtful of you to include the remaining yarn with them, too. I am totally sold on that yarn!

As if all that were not enough, they were wrapped so sweetly and accompanied by a darling card. I literally felt like it was my birthday. THANK YOU!!!

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