Sweet Surprise in Hood River

Roadtrip to the fruit orchards of Hood River


Ever since I arrived in Oregon, I had heard about the fruit orchards in the Hood River area. This time of year is the perfect time to head over there because of the apple and pear harvest and I was happy and excited as a child when we finally made the road trip to the fruit orchards.

As we drove alongside the Colombia River Gorge, we were surprised by the strange wheather; it was drizzling rain and the sun was shining brightly at the same time. Because of this, many little rainbows rose up from the Columbia River, forming a gigantic rainbow river snake diving in and out of the water, accompanying us while we drove further East. It was a wondrous sight...

The surroundings of the Hood River area is simply stunning: rolling hills, with many many fruit orchards, an abundance of apples, pears and gigantic pumpkins.


And then it caught my eye... this sign saying: " Cascade Alpacas and Foothills yarn shop". My heart skipped a beat! I had not expected this! A sweet surprise indeed!

When we arrived at the yarnshop, we were greeted by a cat named Knitty.


Next to the yarnshop was a barn with CUTE alpacas guarded by a big white dog.


The lady in Foothills Yarn was very very friendly! I bought some fingering weight homespun alpaca yarn and what made my heart melt is that the name of the Alpaca was written down on the label: "Moonlight".

OMG! Alpacas are SO CUTE!!!

White-Baby-Alpaca Sweet-Alpaca

As for Knitting

Red Vintage Stole

My vintage stole which I am knitting with Rowan Kidsilk Aura is growing and growing and I am almost done! It is such a pleasure to work with this yarn... And the pattern is so easy and simple!

What I like so much about this pattern are the tapered ends.

Tapered-End Tapered-End-Pouch

And a little pouch is attached to one end so that you do not have to make a tie the ends but simply slip one end of the shawl in the pouch. So simple and elegantly functional. Love it!

Vintage-Stole-1 Vintage-Stole-2 Vintage-Stole-3

What other projects are brewing in my mind?

I have made the choice of yarns I am going to work with next: Cascade Venezia Worsted and Chunky Cashsoft from Rowan.

The Cascade Venezia Worsted is such a luscious yarn. It is 70% Merino Wool and 30% Silk. I made a swatch, washed it and am simply taken by the shine and drape.

Venezia-Worsted Venezia-Swatch Venezia-Swatch-Drape

I am planning on making a short sleeved, elegant fitted top. I have been extremely drawn towards a pullover pattern I have found on knitty.com called "tubey", designed by Cassie Rovitti from NYC. I really really like the neckline!

I am thinking of modifying the pattern and give it my "spice". I love it when a pattern inspires me to make my own!

The Chunky Cashsoft from Rowan is simply a pleasure to work with.

Rowan-Cashsoft-Chunky I like its texture and I really really like this yarn in seed stitch. I am contemplating to make a simple shawl with either Seed Stitch or Moss stitch. I want to play around with several needle sizes to finally decide what I am going for in the end. Swatch-Rowan-Cashsoft

Thanks for reading and untill next time!







Oregon is so beautiful ! And

Oregon is so beautiful !
And to find a yarnshop like that , with Alpaca's too. They are just too cute.
Tubey looks like just the right pattern for you :-)

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