A Sweet Encounter in the Subway

A Gift send to me by Michelle Bernard

Riding the NYC subway sure is a new experience to me. Most of the times, I get a bit freaked out because of the crowds but also because of the fact that eye contact is hardly made, nor do people tend to smile. At least, so I have experienced.

On a ride to Queens, a lady was wearing a beautiful cotton dress embellished with lace and embroidery. I smiled at her, she gave me a nasty look in return and pulled her purse closer to her.

On another occasion, I caught a person staring at me and when I looked back, this person acted as if I had caught them doing a bad thing and hastily looked away.

So I decided not to make eye contat with anybody while riding the subway. I also decided not to smile anymore, because I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable while they are riding the subway. And that's that.

The gift of a smile 

Handmade jewelry by Michelle Bernard

Handmade Jewelry made out of clay by Michelle Bernard

Then one day during a subway ride, I saw a lady wearing the cutest fingerless gloves... Her gloves were of a beautiful purple/maroon color and embellished with purple sparkles. 

I instantly smiled, pointed at the gloves, made eye contact with the lady and said: "I looooove your fingerless gloves!"

She gave me a stellar smile back and answered: "And I love yours!" while pointing at my fingerless gloves. 

Dear reader, her smile simply lit up the whole train and it felt so good. I scribbled down my website on a piece of paper, gave it to her and told her that I design fingerless gloves. "Contact me because I want you to wear my designs!", I said to her while she gave me her card and told me that she designs jewelry.  And then I jumped off the train because it was my stop. And that was it, the briefest of encounters but oh so sweet...

We connected online through our websites and we gifted each other our handmade creations. 

Hot Soup42

Michelle wearing wristlets I made for her

Two perfect strangers smile, connect without fear and gift each other their handmade creations. I love it. I feel blessed.

And guess what? She used to live in our apartment building, on the same floor and right accross the hallway from us. I know...goosebumps!

To find what Michelle is all about, go visit her blog, The Wandering Pebble and her Facebook page, Pebble Wear Jewelry . It's really a treat, I promise!

And she also gives her perspective on how we met in her blogpost named "Meet Nancy"

Annual Art Show at the Hudson View Gardens

Hudson View Gardens

Last Sunday I went to the Annual Art Show at the Hudson View Gardens to see Michelle's art work! It was an adventure to go to a part of NYC I had never been before and I was super excited because I wanted to see Michelle.

And besides that, where ever there's arts and crafts, I am so there! Every artist had their work on display, and it was just a pleasure to chat with everybody. 

I brought home cards made by Brian Skinner. He does photography and enriches his photos with a paint technique to give it a certain mood:

Art work by Brian Skinner

His work reminds me of Romanticism and Impressionism. Gorgeous...

And I brought home this piece, made by Michelle herself. You can fill it with water and put a flower in there. The shape reminds me of a turtle and it's organic appearance remind me of rocks I have seen in Sedona, Arizona and Taos, New Mexico.

Art work by Michelle Bernard

Michelle told me she wants to travel to those places and I can see why! 

I also admired this intricate bead work by bead artist and teacher Karen A. Frankfeldt:

Art work by Karen A. Frankfeldt

Such beautiful work! It took my breath away...

Life is full of encounters and opportunities

Jewelry by Michelle Bernard

My connection with Michelle showed me once again that life is full of encounters and opportunities. 

Some encounters you want to avoid, other encounters you want to invite in your life. Along the way you learn when to keep to yourself and when to reach out and make a connection.

If you stay closed up out of fear, you are well guarded and bad influences cannot intrude your space. Just remind yourself that by being closed up out of fear or out of whatever reason, you also can miss wonderful opportunities.

I am thankful that I made eye contact, smiled and talked to Michele that day on the subway. It was an encounter I just couldn't avoid, even if I wanted to. 

Here's to many blessings and meaningful encounters in our lives. Live without fear, crack a smile and reach out to your fellow human being.

Hot Soup41

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

ps:  I have been wearing my Pebbles Jewelry every day now... makes me feel so good that these handmade gifts come from such a warm and enlightened soul. I am truly thankful.




from michelle

hey nancy!  thanks again for coming to the showing of pebblewear and posting our encounter.  let's hang some time during the year-end holidays.  {cocoa and stuff}michelle

Hi Michelle!

Hi Michelle, 

Thanks so much for stopping by :)  Yes, let's hang out during that time, looking forward to it!

Hi Nanci Glad to see you have

Hi Nanci Glad to see you have made a new connection.    It's basically starting all over again, learning the town, the people, the rules of engagement, etc.  Too bad it has all been made so complicated by the complexities of the times in which we live.I'm glad you came across someone who was not afraid to engage with you.Sharon   

Starting all over again

Hi Sharon, 

Yes, it IS starting all over again! I feel like being the new kid in school :)

I also understand that this is the big city...so much people! I am hanging in there. I will find my way and meet my kindred spirits.

don't give up

I'm glad you met someone nice on the train.

I won't give up! Life is full

I won't give up! Life is full of nice people!

What is your name?

I think it's sad when we have

I think it's sad when we have to purposely isolate ourselves from others due to whatever causes fear within us. A smile, even from a stranger, can be such a comfort to the soul, and a response to reaching out can fill the entire being. :-)  I am glad you have found a new friend in NYC - and the fact she lived just across the hall from you creates a stronger bond.  I am also glad that you are beginning to feel better and that the energy for healing will soon revert again to creativity. :-)

Self defence

I think isolation like that is mere out of self defense. It might work for a while, but in the long run, you hurt yourself.

Just a smile, reaching out and an act of kindness can do wonders, yes :)

What is your name? 

My name is Judi A.  I made an

My name is Judi A.  I made an account so just assumed the name would then come up automatically. Perhaps I am not doing something correctly.  Fill me in, please. :-)

Thank you for signing up!

Good morning Judy A. :)

Thank you so much for signing up with me, I truly appreciate that! I saw you created an acct about 4 days ago.

If you have an account with me, you can leave a comment and it will be published without me first approving it. Also, your name will appear in the comment. However, you will have to log in first.

Just like you do with Ravelry. Please let me know if you have more questions!



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