Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon9

Great Sunday afternoon and perfect weather for a mini photo shoot! Usually, I am the one behind the camera and I have my gorgeous models rocking the knitwear.

Today, I am the model and my husband the photographer. Of course, I can't just stand still and have to talk back... 

Sunday Afternoon10

Look at me being all sassy telling my husband how to take the picture... He did a great job, yes? He did not need instructions at all because says he: "I have an eye for detail, baby."

Let's take a look at my knitwear items... oooh fun!

Spring Forward socks by Linda Welch

Good grief do I dislike knitting socks... but when I saw knitter Janet wearing a pair of gorgeous lace socks, I just had to knit those too!


These Spring Forward socks by Linda Welch are so super easy. I was just baffled by how I breezed through the pattern. I made socklettes instead of full on socks and I am happy happy happy!

Will make many more! I used a sock yarn by Spud and Chloe.

Spring Forward sock

Sally Fingerless Gloves

I designed the Sally Fingerless Gloves gloves back in 2008. They are so precious...and super easy to make too. Knitted flat and later seamed. 

Best part is choosing the button! 

Sunday Afternoon2

I used a yarn by Blue Sky Alpacas called Suri Merino. Feels like butter. No, really.  

Needle size US#7, some light worsted weight yarn and you are set. Quick and easy project!

Miss Violet Cowl

This sweet little Miss Violet Cowl pattern is available for free on the Close Knit blog. 

Sunday Afternoon8

It just takes one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Aura, a beautiful kid mohair and silk blend. Super warm and so airy... elegance...

Go check it out on the Close Knit blog and tell them I send you!

A simple stockinette stitch beret

I designed this beret in 2009 and then totally forgot about it! While browsing through my knitted items, I re-connected with this sweet number.

How could I have forgotten about her??? I love how she doesn't slouch that much. Just a tad bit.


Didn't knitter Susan (Jellidonut) mention a beret for the Early Spring line??? YES! I am going to call it the Susan beret!

The fun thing with this simple stockinette stitch beret is that you can embellish her with all kinds of sweet things... ooh fun, fun!

Sunday Afternoon1

The yarn is Soft Lux by Rowan RYC. Sorry, no longer in production. But guess what? I have a bag full of it... in my stash...

Hope you like!

This was the first time I did a photo shoot with my husband and it turned out really well. Thanks, honey!

Hope you like and that I gave you some ideas for your next projects. I think that I am going to include the Susan Beret in my Early Spring line. What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Sunday Afternoon4

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...


Nancy, you look so great!

Nancy, you look so great! love you're hand bag

Hand bag

Thanks, I've had that little hand bag for the longest. I don't even rembember where I got it. H&M I am guessing? That would be nice for a knitted pattern, wouldn't it?

Your husband definitely has

Your husband definitely has the "eye for detail" and I'm sure because he knew who would be critiquing the results!  He also was photographing a subject he loves, so that made it all the easier for him. :-)  I had to laugh when I read about you sitting in the leaves and your husband standing on a bench. I can just hear the observers thinking, "You can see it all in NYC!" :-)  You look so spiffy in all your self-knitted items. What a joy to be decked out in things you made and love - and those shoes! I immediately looked to see if they were on your feet, and sure enough, there they were.  A lady in splendor and a pleasure to be seen with. :-)

We had fun doing the shoot...

Judi, we had fun doing the shoot and we were both giving each other instructions. Luckily, it all went in harmony. Despite the fact that I got a tad impatient!

Yes, he did an excellent job :)

pretty socks

The color of the socks go perfectly with the shoes. I like the photos your husband took. You look great! J.


I couldn't find the right socks in the stores...not even in the expensive fancy stores!

And then I saw you wearing the Spring Forward socks, J... thanks again for the inspiration :)  You made me knit socks again.


You're husband did a great job!! Looks like a gorgeous fall day ... and you are well accessorized!ps. That Blue Sky Suri Merino IS like butter!!! I made those and gave them as a gift before I even got a picture. Will have to make another pair for me soon :)

Gorgeous fall day

We've had really bright and sunny fall days, lately! 

Suri Merino is one of my favoritestest yarns... Yes, make a Sally glove for YOU!

Love that photo of you

Love that photo of you sitting in the leaves--you are so cute! And I LOVE all the pieces you are wearing, especially the socks. You are rockin' those shoes, Girlfriend!

You should have seen the

You should have seen the people staring at us: me sitting in a pile of leaves on the sidewalk and my husband standing on a bench..!

If it wasn't for yarn, our apt would be flooded with shoes.


Nancy, You are just gorgeous!

Nancy, You are just gorgeous! And so are your creations!

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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