Summer has finally arrived in San Francisco


Summer has finally arrived in San Francisco, at least so it seems. Locals have been telling me that the cold weather in June, July and August was something they were not accustomed to.

Fingers crossed that the sun will keep on shining in the next days of September because I have a task to fulfill.

A hotel room too tiny for my thoughts

For our final days in San Francisco we are staying at a hotel in a tiny room. My thoughts don't have the room to wander freely and during the day I escape our hotel room to write and daydream in a tea house somewhere in the Castro neighborhood.

A cup of tea, a cherry crostata and my sweet little knitted goodness keep me company as I plot were to release my Poppies of Endearment next: Russian Hill.

How Russian Hill kept me company in 2005


With a touch of melancholy I reminisce my time on Russian Hill back in September 2005.

We had just left Los Angeles where I experienced a fantastic time with lots of parties, meeting all kinds of colorful people, making new friends and feeling like I was on top of the world. 

Somehow, when we left Los Angeles and arrived in San Francisco, everything fell silent and an odd feeling of loneliness overwhelmed me. 

While my husband worked long hours, I started to just walk the streets without any purpose or goal from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. And during these wanderings, I found Russian Hill.

It was as if Russian Hill took me by the hand and showed me all it's little hide away places, stairways and beautiful gardens. It also gave me a gorgeous view of San Francisco! 

And just like that, Russian Hill picked me up and put me on top of the world again.

Tomorrow, I will go back again and give back what Russian Hill gave me in 2005: Kindness and Friendship.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

PS: The book you see on my table is "Stairway walks in San Francisco" by Adah Bakalinsky. A must have for when you visit San Francisco!




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