Sturdy Elegancy in the Counterpane Carpet Bag

Approximately one year ago, while I was figuring out how to make purl stitches, I saw a knitted bag on a Livejournal blog called"yaiAnn knits!". With my very novice knitting eyes, I was oogling that sexy bag, drooling over it, wanting to touch it so badly. I was shamelessly LUSTING that bag... As much I was lusting it, I realized that I was too inexperienced to make it any time soon, so I let it go and focussed on my second scarf which I was purling all the way through. It never let go of me though ... and now, one year after I first set my eyes on that sexy bag, look what I have on my palmwood needles: cbbookrs The Counterpane bag, designed by Carrie Brenner and to be found in the book Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick, calls for 10 skeins of La Lana Forever Random Blend in colorway yellow brick road. Just like yaiAnn, I chose to work with Noro, Kureyon, colorway 95 instead and I am using size 10 straight palm wood needles. The pattern is a lace scallop pattern and, at first glance, makes me think of the graceful Feather and Fan stitch. This scallop pattern, however, has a much sturdier appearance yet its elegant look stays untouched. Sturdy Elegancy ... Me like... cbpagers By the way, do notice how nonchalantly my Kureyon ball is seated on that piece of "cloth". Oh yes, for the lining, we use, raw silk... Great Adirondack Soxie progress Of course I cannot wrap this post up without a picture of my first finished Soxie... soxie1rs I have been pondering on this one... there is much I want to talk about: how the variegation of the colors behave in stockinette stitch , the art of SSK, the zen of picking up stitches and finally how the journey to "get there" can be more captivating than the destination itself. I am seriously going to get geeky on this one...but not untill the second soxie is finished!


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That is one seriously pretty

That is one seriously pretty bag, wow... I love that yarn... really makes me wish I wasn't wool-allergic *sigh* Good work on the sock too, I'm still not brave enough to tackle the socks :|

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