A stroll in Central Park

Upper East Side

Today I went to String Yarns located in the posh Upper East Side and as always I so much enjoyed my walk. 

Many luxury stores are located in this area and you can definitely feel the high end vibe in this part of NYC. Chanel, J. Mendel, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and what not are all well represented here.


To me, it is all very inspiring from a fashion/design point of view and I am planning to really take my time on an early Sunday morning and do a "haute couture" walking tour. I am already excited about it!

Also located in this area is Central Park. Whenever I go to String Yarns, I stroll through the park and just enjoy the wonderful scenery. 

Come see what my eyes saw today as I walked through the Upper East Side and Central Park!

Upper East Side

Roberto Cavalli

Central Park NYC

Central Park NYC

It is really a nice walk and quite the incentive to visit String Yarn's at least once a week!

Okay, back to yarn and knitting now.

Follow up and reader comments

First of all, thanks so much for all your comments, questions and well wishes! I really do appreciate that and try to always reply back. 

If you have an account here with Getting Purly With It, your comments will not be moderated and will appear immediately. I can also see who you are and address you by your name. You do have to log on first, just like with Ravelry.

If you don't have an account here, don't forget to state your name after you leave a comment. I think it's nicer when I know your name when I reply to your comment, see.

Thank you Jenna and Judi for your input with regard to the Early Sping Line as discussed in blog post Clickety Clack! Much appreciated...

Susan wondered how I find all those books with that vintage touch to them. My answer: Yarn shop Knitty City, baby! Owner Pearl Chin buys in the best knitting books ever.

Another knitter recommended me to try the Magic Loop method since I LOATHE working with double pointed needles. Any other suggestions out there than Magic Loop? Let me know!

And again, if you have a question or comment, don't hesitate to speak up. I would love to hear from you.

A box full of yarn!

A box full of Cascade 128

My yarn order arrived today! That can only mean one thing: We can start plotting the Zara Cowl... I can't wait to knit up a swatch.

Special thanks to my dear friend Jenni for shipping this yarn to me. She also included a couple of magazine clippings to inspire me:

A box full of Cascade 128

Do you see that gorgeous scarf in the picture? It's from Anthropologie and is called Gentle Falling Scarf. It retails for a whopping $548.-- !!!

I am thinking Malabrigo Rasta will do the trick here... or maybe that bulky yarn from Berocco to keep the cost low...Oh Jenni, you once again have my creative juices flowing!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry...

Central Park NYC


you are sooooooo lucky to

you are sooooooo lucky to live in NYC Adrienne

yup :)

Yup, I am lucky :)  it's a great city but at times also a hard city, Adrienne... Pdx is waaaay friendlier!

Two things: #1.  I have found

Two things: 

#1.  I have found that I like to use Magic Loop when I am trying to start a project in the round with a very small amount of stitches.  I just can't seem to do it, but can get it going with Magic Loop.  If I'm already knitting on a circular needle and need to start decreasing then I will switch to dpn's. That's how it works for me, and I know it using Magic Loop or not becomes a personal preference.  Worth a try, though.

#2.  There is a blog written by a gal that was born and raised in NYC and would be a great reference for you in the history of buildings, and probably anything else you might want to know abaout NYC - except knitting, I don't think she's a knitter.  Her website is www.millefiorifavoriti.blogspot.com  Scroll down the right side for info about her, etc. until you reach the section "Labels." Her photos and info are fantastic! Hope your husband finds this helpful for planning walking tours and his own self-education.


Hi Judi, Thanks so much for sharing your Magic Loop usage!And my husband is definitely going to appreciate that link. What an elaborate blog about NYC... I like the name of her blog too: A thousand favorite flowers :)

Sorry, I forgot to mention

Sorry, I forgot to mention about it in my previous comment.Once I learnt Magic Loop, I don't want to go back double-pointed. It's more efficient and prevents 'ladder' between changing needles.J. 

Magic Loop

J, now I definitely have to try the magic loop! Thanks for the tips, much appreciated :)

Oh, I was the one who forgot

Oh, I was the one who forgot to leave my name. haha...It's always a pleasure to stroll in Central Park. I never been in String before. Maybe I should try to stop by one day. Wow, I'm following your footsteps. J. 

Ha, it's you, J :)

Hi J, 

What I love about String Yarns is that they have their own gorgeous cashmere yarn in colors that I like (black, dark grey, light grey, white, lilac, creme). I've had the pleasure to work with their worsted weight cashmere and it is simply heaven.

Their yarn comes with a certain price tag, as you well might expect from an Upper East Side establishment! Very luxurious and high end!

You do have a way with a

You do have a way with a camera! I love, love, love the photos with the color in them - the bridge, and the buildings. Ohhh, the buildings - so beautiful!!  I am a big city gal at heart.  To be out and about with you again is such a treat. So glad you have recovered. :-)  That yarn is so gorgeous! I would have to just sit and look at it and stroke it for awhile before even thinking of using it. It will be fun to see what it eventually becomes. :-)

The buildings

Hi Judi! 

You are logged in :)

The buildings are magnificent and grand. My husband is figuring out all kinds of walking tours and educates himself about the history of certain buildings. 

Cascade 128 is a gorgeous yarn for a really good price. I must dedicate a whole post to affordable yarns that have very good value...

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