Stretchy Bind Off...Please?

Stretchy BO1

I am toast... my brains are fried. I have been working all day at my favorite tea shop to finish Tristan's scarf and fingerless gloves. Writing out the pattern, testknitting three different sizes, calculating this and that, taking pictures for the step by step picture tutorial. And finally finishing the scarf and gloves in order to ship it today.

Then this guy with hee-huge hands came into the teashop... "excuse me", I asked him timidly. "Excuse me, would you please do me a favor?"

After explaining to him that I need his hand to test out the Large size I knitted up, he gladly helped me out.

"Too tight at the top", was his response. "But other than that, it fits me just perfectly."

I started to bug every guy that came into the teashop. Guys with small hands, medium hands and large hands were all made model victim and sure enough, all said the same thing: "Fits perfectly... but too tight at the top".

Dang it. I thought I had it figured out. Too tight at the top... I did my bind off very loosely!

I started to scout the net for stretchy bind offs... but man, my brains are fried and I am tired...

So if you have a minute, dear reader, and if you know of a good stretchy bind off tutorial somewhere on the net, could you please help out this knitter and leave me a comment notifying me about it?

Stretchy BO2

I am calling it a day... time to head on home and get dinner ready.

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry.


Hi Nancy and friendly

Hi Nancy and friendly greetings from Brazil!
I discovered your blog by accident while I was looking for simple fingerless glove pattern. Yours is great. My suggestion for you for a more stretchy bind off is to use a thicker knitting needle (one or one and half number above the one you are knitting). This works perfectly for me.
Thanks a lot to share your pattern with other knitters.
Grace Karen

I just came across your blog

I just came across your blog when looking for instructions on knitting plaited cables... your tutorials are so helpful and your patterns really great! i am excited to keep watching what you do -- thanks!

I've used some of the bind

I've used some of the bind offs listed at
One is the EZ method already mentioned.

It was nice to hear from you.

It was nice to hear from you. I have the same E.Z. book you have and I am sure that is where I found it. It is one of my favorite bind-offs.

I will have to take at look at the bind off that mysparetime mentions.

I always use E.Z.'s sewn bind

I always use E.Z.'s sewn bind off when I want it stretchy.

It has been a while since I have had a favorite tea/coffee shop where I could spend some time. Someday I will either find one or start one.

Have you seen the "better

Have you seen the "better bind off" tutorial on The Purl Bee?

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