Still standing in NYC





The elections are over and Obama is still President of the United States of America, a terrible storm named Sandy wreacked havoc on the Eastcoast, the Piscean age is about to end (or so I have been told), and I am still in NYC.

While things have been very quiet around here, I have been terribly busy trying to fit into NYC and to make it my own. It's hard not to disappear among the millions of people that walk these busy streets. I was terribly intimidated and had a real hard time, but as the Universe is my witness, I am still standing.

Many wonderful opportunities and kind hearted people

Allthough things haven't been easy for me here in this big city, I have been working my little booty off like there's no tomorrow. Many wonderful opportunities were presented before me and I grabbed those with all my might.

Apart from this, I have also met many beautiful and kind hearted New Yorkers that have welcomed me with open arms and made being here worthwile.

And as for knitting you may ask? Of course through everything that has happened over the past year, for better or for worse, I haven't stopped knitting.

My needles are still clicking, the yarn is still sliding through my fingers and I am still designing. 

Isabelle_Gloves2       Driftwood_Headband1      Fiona Gloves1    Tommy Infinity4

More of these designs in later posts this week!

NYC has tossed me around, slapped me in the face,  made me cry, made me laugh, smothered me with love, given me exhilirating moments, given me extremely low moments, has send me ennemies and has send me dear dear friends. NYC has given this to me ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND EVERYTHING TIMES A THOUSAND.

And I am still here, I am still standing. Sigh... this city is going to drive me crazy. But not before I come at it in full force. That is a promise.

My dear reader, I have missed you. Let's re-connect...

Yours truly, 

Nancy Ricci



Just stopping by to say Hello

Hello Nancy .. just thought I'd stop by to say Hi and thank you for the wonderful headband pattern you've made available.  Hope NY is treating you well and that you are still standing ;)

Stay strong,


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