Stellar November!


It is the last day of November and all I can say is WOAH what a STELLAR November this has been for me!

Bar none, the past month has been one of my most productive months EVER and I am quite proud of what I have accomplished. 

In my first blog post in November, I talked about stepping up my game and I was very serious about that. Therefore, I am so very happy to report that I have engaged in several wonderful collaborations which of course all involve my knitting!

Passionately taking pride in my work

Hot Soup12

I take pride in what I do. I am passionate about my craft and I simply LOVE working with yarn. 

I am convinced that if you wholeheartedly LOVE what you do, good good things can and will happen.

All you have to do is pay close attention to what is happening around you and tap into that same passionate energy that resembles yours. This way, you are able to build a network of like minded people.

I am happy to embark on adventures with sweet and creative artists that passionately love what they do. In the course of December, things will unfold and I will tell all here on my website. For now I've got to be a little secretive...

Thank you for visiting my website! 


Lastly, I want to thank you for visiting my website. Over the last month, I have noticed that more and more people are interested in what I am doing here on my knitting website and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this.

Also, more and more people are actually signing up for Getting Purly With It! What a joy that is to me!

From the very start of this website I have called it "my inspirational vehicle" and I have wished for many to come with me on this passionate ride. There is room for more people, so hop on if you wish.

Through the month of December I will think about how I can make it your while to sign up for an account with me. Free patterns exclusively for the Getting Purly With It community? Articles in which I tell all of my design secrets? Photo shoot tutorials? Articles about marketing yourself?

So many things we could do! Let me know if there is anything you would want to be highlighted.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month, and it will be the last month of 2010. Let's make it a marvelous one!


Thanks for reading, my friend... I truly appreciate you.





You are fab!

Thank you so much for sharing  your fab style, amazing patterns and beautiful soul with us. Since discovering your pretty fingerless gloves on the counter at Close Knit (don't you just miss Portland too?) in September, I have been returning to your blog again and again for laughs, sniffs and inspiration. Shine on and get ready for all the woolly and wonderful things that 2011 will bring!

Hello Rikkelondon :) Oh how I

Hello Rikkelondon :)

Oh how I miss Portland... So happy you come visit me often here! We are going to make this a wonderful month. And with excitement we will welcome 2011!

Another year gone - it's

Another year gone - it's unbelievable how quickly time goes!  Isn't it neat when you find your niche!  I am so glad for you, and excited to see what will be revealed in this month of celebration.  What's desirable on your blog? Of course, free patterns are always nice and appreciated; tutorials can be very helpful at times.  But I think more than anything, just telling about your own adventures with knitting, which may include a tutoraial, a design secret, or a self-marketing hint along the way.  I know I enjoy your photos of your yarns, your knit items, your knitting and creative space, etc. and most of all of your meanderings through NYC!  Both my parents were professional photographers and I was always surrounded by pictures, so guess that's why I'm naturally drawn to your photos. They give all of us a visual peek into your life along with the verbal. :-)  Continue on, sharing with us "bloglanders," the experiences of this adventure, called life - and thank you. :-)  

Had difficulty logging in

Had difficulty logging in earlier, but was able to now. :-)

Hi there Judi :)Thanks for

Hi there Judi :)Thanks for your valuable feedback! And always happy to see your wonderful comments...

You know I'm one of the

You know I'm one of the people who visit your site.  :)Keep up! J

Yes, J, I know you visit me

Yes, J, I know you visit me every time :) Thank you!  Maybe we will bump into each other at La Casita's? Or Knitty City!

from a dear friend

hee nance, geweldig bezige bij ben je! ik denk veel aan je en mis je ontzettend. vooral gisteren toen ik bij de knopenwinkel was. ik moest me inhouden om te kopen. ik wacht wel totdat je weer hier bent. hopelijk tot gauw!liefs sai

Hi Sai!!!! Wat leuk om je

Hi Sai!!!!

Wat leuk om je hier te zien :)  Wanneer kom jij naar NYC dan??? Samen knopen kopen en de buurt onveilig maken :)

Miss you, Sailina...

Distance does for Love1


nancy you are awesome! ive been working hard and staying focused...i really appriciate what you do here!

Calley, is that you? Work

Calley, is that you? Work hard, stay focused... crank out those beautiful creations!!!

Your enthusiasm is

Your enthusiasm is contagious. I LOVE reading your blog. Thanks so much for all you do!

Awww... Susan, you always

Awww... Susan, you always make me smile with your comments. And I am so happy you visit me every time again and again!

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