Solidifying Dreams


Red Poppy

Last May I wrote a blogpost called "Powerful Creative Energy". In that blogpost I write:

Over the past few weeks, I have only been knitting poppies. Little did I know that knitting these sweet and delicate flowers, would invoke an energy so powerful and so creative, that it almost seems unreal to me.

I then proceed to write about meetings I had with a Webdeveloper and Webdesigner from the company Bottman Brothers based in Portland, Oregon,  to discuss possibly going with "Getting Purly With It".

Ever since then, I have worked hard to conceive a vision of how I want my website to be.

Let me tell you, that was not easy.

But with the help of dear friends I was able to formulate and to envision what I want to convey with my website and what sensibility I am after. And once I was able to actually articulate my wishes and dreams, I put it down in writing and visuals. And this my dear reader, resulted in a presentation I held before webdeveloper Andy Bottman and webdesigner Didi Davidovich.

We have had several meetings over the past months and tomorrow I will meet them again to discuss details.

Needless to say, that I AM SO TERRIBLY EXCITED!!!

Boy... I can hardly contain myself...

Dreaming away... and putting it into action


Daydreaming is one of my favoritestest things to do. When in the right environment, I sit still for hours and just dream away.

And by the grace of I don't know what, I get jolted and am able to solidify some of my dreams. What has sprouted in my imagination becomes alive and tangible. I can see it grow and develop and it is a process that simply takes my breath away and often times I am just in tears because of it.

This thing called imagination, inspiration, dreaming, creation...where does it come from?

Anyways... to see a splash page of things to come, please visit my soon to be launched website:


As for knitting


All I am doing is production knitting at the moment. Glove after glove, cowl after cowl, scarf after scarf...

What can I say? When you pursue a dream, one has to work hard at it. And sometimes this hard work is monotonous.

It is a good thing I am working with the most luscious and gorgeous materials: silk, merino, cashmere, alpaca and suri. Oh lucky, lucky me.

the beauty of monotony

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have lots and lots to knit so my next post will probably be a week from now.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I for one, feel truly blessed an have so much to give thanks for. I count my blessings every day.


Thank you for reading and until the next entry. Oh yeah, one more thing... become your dream...



Happy Knitting

Hi Nancy - Happy Knitting - love your website - Jill

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by! I love your work, you touch so many materials. I only touch yarn.

Everybody, check out Textile Artist Jill Dian Izzard's website:

Hi from UK

Hi back to you from

Hi back to you from Manhattan, Jill Dian Izzard!

Congrats - how exciting for

Congrats - how exciting for you!

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