So far so good


So far so good, my stack is growing and growing and so are all the strands.

I haven't burst into crying yet, that usually happens AFTER the events.

The pressure is on, I feel like running around our block and scream like a banshee but that might motivate the neighbors to call 911.

So I just clench my teeth, and pretend like I don't see the stack of yarns that needs to be knit up, while I am writing this post.


I am a lean mean knitting machine and I am going to show NYC how it's done.

Tomorrow, in between knitting, I am also going to meet up with two ladies who are willing to model for me in the near future. I am so lucky, really. I have one major criteria for my models: Kindness... If there is no kindness, I can't do it. 

If you haven't noticed already, I am a one woman show. 

I knit, design, write patterns and also do photography myself. Oh, yeah, I also try to write a blog post a day...

Okay, back to work! Send me some good vibes to keep me going!!!


Thanks for reading and until the next entry!




i feel your pain!

im getting ready for kassandras trunk show (miss you!) and am getting calls for stuff and have xmas presents to make...feeling overwhelmed...but also will make it! and thank you so much for all the inspiring posts it really motivates me...take care of yourself and take NYC by storm!

Hi Calley!

Calley, I cannot wait to see your creations this year! Pictures please please please...

I am sure you do well, just like you did last your. Girlfriend, you OUTSHINED us all and rightfully so.

It is an honor knowing that I inspire  and motivate you :)

Don't forget to breathe and keep the fire going!

Keep it going Nancy!  I want

Keep it going Nancy!  I want to be just like you when I grow up!


Sharon, thank you!!! Hey, you got some Malabrigo Rasta for me? I am lusting after it :)

Just Do It

Hey Nancy,  You can do it.  I think you live for the high of being a mean lean knitting machine.  You go girl! Sharon

I can do it, I can do it...

I can do it is my mantra and the clicking sound of my needles my music. THanks, Sharon :)

Your yarns look so

Your yarns look so scrumptious.  I'm sure the items you create from them look the same.  I had to smile at the mental image of you running around the block and screaming like a banshee. :-)  The neighbors would probably just shake their heads and think "You can see it all in NYC!"  Love the self made title of "Lean, Mean, Knitting Machine."  Maybe you could work that into your display somehow.  Would so love to be able to attend the events and see all your lovelies and the great response by all attendees.  You are going to do great, so keep the focus on the fun days ahead, do deep breathing, have a cup of coffee or tea nearby, and remember we all are out here cheering you on. :-)


Haaa! Yes, what an image me running around like that. I just got some tea and honey :)

good vibes coming your way...

from the 'hood in NE PDX.-jenna

I love it :)

I love it, Jenna, from the 'hood in NE Pdx... the Bubblehood as I call it lovingly. I miss you all so much. Feeling the good vibes!

You will do just fine, but

You will do just fine, but take time to rest and recharge your batteries, so that you can enjoy all this. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Susan, you will be right

Susan, you will be right there with me at the events!

Go sister!

It's cold here so I have been inspired by you to have a project in my knit girl knit!
NoPo is counting on you! Make us proud! :)


Shawn! How you doin'??? So good to see your comment, you brought a smile upon my face.Still need to try those lashes... :)

You are on FIRE!

You are on FIRE!


Amy, I feel like I am going to explode!

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