A Sense of Home


Yesterday late in the afternoon on my way to Martial Arts class, I noticed how easily I was moving among the crowd of people. My pace has become very fast and is up to par with Manhattan standards, my manner of walking and moving has become more and more confident and lastly I have learned how to put up my "you better don't start with me" face whenever needed in a certain situation.

Also, it was an important day for me because I have officially been accepted as a student at the World Martial Arts School in Manhattan for which I am very proud and honored. I feel humbled as a white belt and accept the challenge to progress to higher levels.

When training was over I rushed down the stairs and as I opened the front door, the hustle and bustle of the city did not intimidate me any longer. As I stood there on the sidewalk of 14th Street and 6th Avenue, I took a deep breath inhaling the cold and crisp winter air. It started to snow and I smiled. 

For the very first time I finally had a sense of home.

A collaboration with yarn shop String in the Upper East Side

Yarn shop String is one of the very first yarn shops I visited in Manhattan. I am very taken by String's very own brand of cashmere yarns. The quality of their cashmere is superb and I adore the stylish colors that they offer.

Long story short: I used one of String's cashmere blends to knit up my Lana Gloves and when I showed it to the owner, she asked me if we could make an arrangement.

This resulted in me re-writing my orignal Lana Gloves pattern specifically to String's luscious 100% cashmere called "Classica". 

String Yarn's featured my design last Sunday and is offering a 15% discount on their yarn. You can see a write up on my pattern and the yarn by clicking here


photo courtesy of String Yarns

I would like to thank Linda Morse, owner of String yarns for featuring my design and offering it to her costumers. 

Being acknowledged

Lastly I want to say how good it feels when your work is being acknowledged. 

I do this hand knitting and pattern writing thing because I love it with all my heart and I simply can't help myself. For the first time in my life I really stumbled on something that I am deeply passionate about.

It gets even more special when you receive positive feedback from others on your work.

I truly think that this is it for me. Knitting belongs to me and I belong to it. We are "home" with each other...

Once again, thank you so much for reading and until the next entry!



I'm happy for you. J

Thank you, J :)

Thank you, J :)

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