Seeking Inspiration

Seeking Inspiration1

In between Christmas and New Year's I have had the chance to put up my feet and browse through lots of knitting books, knitting magazines and stitch pattern books. It was such a pleasure to have the time to myself and be inspired. 

After I was done with all of my knitting books and magazines, I then moved on to my glossy fashion magazines and had a fun time ripping out inspirational images in order to put together a moodboard. I had lots to go through and I intensely enjoyed it.

Seeking Inspiration3

When I had gone through all of my fashion magazines and subtracted only that what really inspired me, I moved on to my yarn and buttons!

Playing with material with no particular design in mind

Over the past few days, I have gathered all my of favorite materials and scattered them all over my craft table. 

Often time, it is the material that inspires me and I love just playing around, casting on for swatches and see what buttons go with a certain yarn. 

Seeking Inspiration7

There is absolutely no pressure, no deadlines to meet or nobody to impress. It is just me with my material and let me tell you, we are always having a blast together! It maybe sounds peculiar, but my balls of yarn and my buttons... they are my friends. Together we play and create something beautiful.

Seeking Inspiration10

And because there is no pressure, I am free to try out different things and experiment. This is such a nice state of being! It is always a surprise what will come up!

Seeking Inspiration12

Of course I can't be playing and horsing around forever... at some point, I must pin down several designs and write on paper everything that enters my mind. It's like catching butterflies, as soon as one pops out, I have to chase it and capture it or else I will forget.

Knitting with Mink and Cashmere

Something really special happened this Monday. During a party at La Casita's in Brooklyn, I was introduced to the owners of Jade Sapphire. They had seen my blog post about their mink yarn and wanted to meet me... Be still my beating heart!

Since there were some samples of my work at La Casita's, they asked me if I could make several samples with their yarn for TNNA which starts tomorrow. Uhmmm... let's see, my patterns showcased in Jade Sapphire Mink and Mongolian Cashmere for the TNNA show? NO BRAINER!!!

So yesterday I knitted like crazy with mink and pure cashmere. Oh heavens..!

Here you see my Sally Glove knitted with 8-ply Mongolian Cashmere (notice the gaudy button):

Seeking Inspiration8

I also made the Sally Gloves with their mink yarn:

Seeking Inspiration9

And I also managed to knit a pair of Lana Gloves with their 6-ply Mongolian Cashmere in their newest colorway Wisteria:

Seeking Inspiration4

My Lana Glove pattern calls for 160 yards of worsted weight yarn. The 6-ply Mongolian Cashmere comes in 150 yard skeins...

Solution: SKIP STEP 6 in the pattern and you will be able to finish your Lana Gloves!

Soooo... if you are thinking about doing the Lana Gloves in Jade Sapphire's 6-ply Mongolian Cashmere SKIP STEP 6 and jump to STEP 7, okay?

I have to say... they came out so beautifully in cashmere and that Wisteria colorway... even my husband stopped and stared at the gloves!

Thank you so much La Casita, for introducing me to the owners of Jade Sapphire! And thank you Jade Sapphire for liking my work! YAY!

What a great way to start 2011...

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



Ooooo Wisteria

love that color, may just have to get some anne M from close knit

Hi Anne, it's such a

Hi Anne, it's such a beautiful color...

Happy for you

It's nothing better than being recognised and people appreciating your works.I'm trying to do something experimental too. It's fun.J 

J, it does feel good that my

J, it does feel good that my work is being acknowledged and appreciated. You are trying to do something experimental? Sounds exciting!

If I can help you in any way, if I can answer questions that you might have, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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