I have been very scatterbrained over the past few days... No matter what I do, I cannot seem to focus, I keep on losing things and my craft table is a disaster!

Not to mention knitting, designing or writing. I start something, only to forget what I was going to do and in which direction I was heading.

Not good. Not good at all. My brain is completely mush...

Intuitive hat by Julia Zahle

While my brain is mush, let me tell you about a hat I finished several months ago. I had completely forgotten about it but during my aimless searching for other items over the past days, I have re-discovered this hat. And I have to say, it is the perfect hat for a scatterbrained woman...


Pattern: Intuitive by Julia Zahle
Yarn: 1 skein of Venezia Worsted
Needles: Addi Turbo 16" US#7

Originally, this pattern calls for a DK yarn and needle size US#5 but of course I had to have it my own way.

I worked this hat with a worsted weight yarn, needle size US#7 and I casted on 12 stitches less than the original pattern. Lucky for me, it all turned out okay! 

Also, I am very much liking the color black these days. I am guessing I am turning into a real New Yorker... 

Well folks, this is it for today. I am really sorry, but I cannot seem to get it together and write a more interesting blog post.

Hopefully, I have inspired you to try this Intuitive hat!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...



You know, we all are in

You know, we all are in overload mode during this holiday season, including you with your craft shows, etc.  Your brain is telling you it's time for a break - a relaxing and fun break.  Close the door and leave your studio behind you. Grab your husband, and go "out on the town," walking the streets of NYC and watching the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers, looking at all the wonderful decorations, stopping for a cup of hot chocolate, perhaps even skating at Rockefeller Center.  I wish for you to relax, have fun, and to laugh a lot! :-)

It is indeed overload this

It is indeed overload this time of year! 


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