Russian Hill

Union Square, San Francisco

Today I hiked to Russian Hill to release some Poppies of Endearment and my starting point was Union Square in downtown San Francisco. 

On my way up, I passed this beautiful entrance of an apartment building on Nob Hill. Looks so posh, no?

Nob Hill



Keep on chasing your dreams. One day soon, you will capture them...

In the vicinity of Grace Cathedral, this white wall and black iron begged for some colorful poppies:



Anger is a tired and wilted flower. Replace it by a fresh and colorful one: Love!

On Russian Hill Place you can get a good view of the Bay bridge.


There are many little stairways on Russian Hill and it is really a pleasure to walk up and down them and enjoy the plants and flowers. Alongside one of those stairways, I left some blue poppies behind. Look closely to the left...

Russian Hill Place

Russian Hill Place

Hear that soft giggle? Let it burst into laughter and release it!

I kept on going further down on the stairways and encountered this impressive black doorway. Look to the left again. See the poppies?

Russian Hill

Russian Hill

Chase the stench of hate away by burying your nose in a bouquet of flowers. Inhale their sweet and kind scent.

At the Ina Coolbrith park you have a good view of Alcatraz.

Ina Coolbrith Park

While taking a picture of the view I spotted something in the fence right in front of me. A lock with the sweetest message dated 02/14/2010...

I left some poppies right next to it.

Ina Coolbrith Park

Ina Coolbrith Park

You are embraced by Grace. Marvel in it

I really wanted to place poppies on this Buddha. But instead opted for the dragon.

Buddha on Russian Hill

Russian Hill

The gentle energy of Kindness will tickle your belly and make you smile!

And last but not least... an open mailbox invites some poppies in...

Russian Hill

Russian Hill

I hope these soft and fuzzy poppies will make you smile...

That's it for now folks...enjoy your Labor Day weekend. 

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.


got your poppy in SF

Hey there..I was visiting SF from NY for the first time.. wondering around alone exploring... ending up randomly on that beautiful park on the stairway on russian hill... and came across your blue poppies of endearment on the plant! The one with the quote "Hear that soft giggle?" :) It was a nice surpise.Felt lucky to have found it! Thanks for making me smile :) maybe see you in ny. Masha

I am so psyched!

Hi Masha, I am so psyched that you found the blue poppies of endearment on Russian Hill on the plant along the stairway!Thanks for letting me know :)

Lovely! San Francisco will

Lovely! San Francisco will miss you.

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