Reaching for my Highest Potential



Today, very suddenly, I got completely overwhelmed by gratitude. I completed a red pair of "Sally Gloves" and had just finished a hat made out of golden thread, when it hit me hard. Here I am in San Francisco, so happy to be with my husband, and doing the things that I am so very passionate about: knitting, designing and blogging. I don't need to worry about work, I don't need to worry about health issues, I got a roof over my head, plenty of food, and a whole lot of loving from my man. Dear reader, I thank the Universe on my bare knees for this wonderful situation.

What great opportunity!


Not only am I in a wonderful situation, I also have all the tools and materials at my very fingertips to execute my passions. I got my laptop, my camera, a whole suitcase of yarn, all kinds of needles, stacks of books and last but not least my most important tool: myself. See what is happening here? I am given a great opportunity to reach for my highest potential. And I should handle this with much respect and much gratitude!

I pledge to reach for my highest potential I pledge to:

  1. Reach for my highest potential
  2. Be focussed on designing
  3. Write patterns and share them
  4. Produce picture tutorials
  5. Work with beautiful yarns
  6. Inspire and help other knitters
  7. Bring forth beauty, grace and elegance
  8. Blog at least 3 times a week

I am so jumping up and down of excitement right now! YES! You better hold on to your seats for the next several months...

As for knitting

Over the past couple of days I made a pair of red Sally Gloves and also a golden color mercerized cotton hat. For the Sally gloves I used a ball of dk alpaca, given to me by my friend Elizabeth, and I used the cutest buttons ever: vintage style pin up girls!


I love the girls! They are so cute. Look, one of them is on the phone... with Santa perhaps?


Next up is a hat made out of golden mercerized cotton. I took the Felicity Hat pattern, designed by the talented Wanett Clyde from Brooklyn, and heavily modified it.


Today, I contacted Wanett to ask her permission to publish this heavy modified Felicity pattern for free on my blog. I am so happy to report to you that she agreed to it! So in the next few weeks, this hat pattern will be released here on Getting Purly With It. Wanett's Ravelry name is Nettie... so guess how this soon to be released hat pattern is going to be named..? Lots of exciting things are going to happen around here... I simply cannot wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry..



What an awesome post!! Your

What an awesome post!! Your gratitude is yet another reminder for me to take the time to be grateful for all that I have! Thanks for the Felicity love!

Hi Nancy, Bianca D-H told me

Hi Nancy, Bianca D-H told me about your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I've nominated you for a "Kreativ Blogger" award. You can read about it here.

You've given all of us a

You've given all of us a breath of fresh air. You sound wonderful and Thanks for making me feel your joy.

Nancy, this is a wonderful

Nancy, this is a wonderful post. I am very excited because so many of us are going to benefit from this time in your life. A special thanks to your man for his support of you in this endeavor.

Wonderful and inspirational

Wonderful and inspirational post! I'm going to leap into action right now, get my butt off this chair!

Love it...all of it!

Love it...all of it!

This was such a fun post to

This was such a fun post to read! It's great that things are going well - and that your response is to reach higher. I'm looking forward to seeing what you accomplish. And I love the hat!

LOVED this post! i had quite

LOVED this post! i had quite a similar "awakening" a few months ago. it feels great! love love love the mitts and the hat, but most of all your pics! you're so adorable and look genuinely happy. it's awesome.

Sounds like you are in a very

Sounds like you are in a very good place. And those buttons are so adorable!

What cute photos...especially

What cute photos...especially the last four. Looks like a photo booth. And you look very happy. Gratitude is a good thing.

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