A quick hi from the state of New York!




You guys, this is just a quick hi from the state of New York. We made it safe and sound in the Empire State, we have been warmly welcomed back by the family and today we will be heading to Manhattan.

I will be mad busy with getting our apartment in order and I most likely will not be able to jump online. But before I get caught in the storm, I want to show you some images from the latest Fall fashion that caught my eye.

Of course I am always on the look out for knitwear first and foremost...

Tommy Hilfiger is showing off a beautiful camel color knitted sweater dress with cables and a luscious cowl:


D&G is rocking the ski resort look with fair isle and reindeer intarsia:


This cabled vest by Escada certainly got my attention:


These fingerless gloves by Juicy Couture are cute:


Cashmere and Alpaca knitted skirts by Chloe for nearly 800 buckaroos:


And oh my word, never thought I would see knitted pants for grown ups:


Furthermore, I am noticing that the camel coat and leopard print seem to be back...

Fall5 Fall10

Last but not least, I am noticing a lot of shear ling items and Mongolian lamb items. Especially the Mongolian lamb look, makes me think of the seventies...remember those vests and collars? Here you see shear ling and Mongolian lamb in bags:


I have browsed through images geared to the American market and am eager to find out what knitwear to find for Asian, Russian and European markets. Especially Italy, France and Great Britain! At this moment Fashion Week is in full swing in NYC, but it is for Spring/Summer 2011... I am much more excited for the Autumn/Winter 2011 collections but for that I have to wait a few more months.

Okay, folks, this is it for now. I am going to be busy unpacking boxes and decorating our apartment in Manhattan!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry...


My favorite yarn shop in Manhattan

Hi, Nancy,At this very moment (it's 9:50 a.m. in PDX), my vision of you is surrounded by boxes and boxes of stuff.  That's Ron and me a year ago.  Pleased to learn from Sally that you'd made the hoped-for move.How I wish that Close Knit was closer to where we live in SW so I could get to knit nights there.  When people ask me what I miss about NYC, I tell them Knitty City on west 79th.  Pearl Chin, prop., is an amazing woman who always surrounds herself with great staff--and fiber.  If you go, please give her a virtual hug for me and Ron.Your designs continue to be beautiful.  Thanks for your suggestion about how to use Ron's yarn for my vest.  Almost have it finished!All good wishes.  yours, naomihttp://www.alittleredhen.com


Good luck with the unpacking and enjoy all of that nesting!  I love getting settled in a new place.


Thanks for the fashion previews.  Intarsia?  Did I hear the word intarsia?  Love it.  Always have, always will.  Gee, I never know where in the world you're going to be next!

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