Every now and then I look on Ravelry to see who knitted one of my patterns and I am so happy whenever a knitter completes a project.

Just the other day, when I was browsing to see who had finished a poppy flower, I was so pleasantly surprised by the work of a talented knitter from Spain named Rosalia. She made the poppy flower and incorporated it in a beautiful bouquet, the complete work is all Rosalia's:

poppies bouquet1

Poppy Flower bouquet created by Rosalia from Spain

It makes me so happy that a knitter all the way in Spain was able to purchase my poppy flower pattern and give it her own touch by creating such a precious piece. So very well done, Rosalia, I thoroughly enjoy your work!

Rosalia is known as Rosalias on Ravelry and also has a blog called El mon de Rosalia.

I think it is pretty neat how we overcome distances through the web and that we are able to inspire each other and enjoy each other's work online.

It is for this very reason I make patterns and put them out there: to inspire other knitters and to be inspired by knitters. This way, we keep our creative juices flowing and we keep our sparkle for inspiration and creativity alive.

Thank you, Rosalia, and all other knitters out there who have knitted one of my patterns!

Hope you are having a good weekend and until the next entry...



Yes she did

Hi you two, yes she did a great job!

Gorgeous! I love it!

Gorgeous! I love it!

That's just the kind of thing

That's just the kind of thing that makes a heart zing.  She did a great job with your excellent design.  Joanne

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