Ploughing through


Yesterday morning, 't was a bright and sunny Sunday, I woke up early and said to my husband: "I am going to hang out at a yarn shop all day long".

I desperately needed to go out into the city because I realized I had been locked up working in the apartment for 5 days in a row. Production knitting my friends, will do that to you.

Luckily, I had a good reason to break away from my knitting and that was this big bad boy on my stove last Thursday:


Other than having a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, I haven't done anything but knitting like crazy.

I am focused, I got my material, I got my tools and I am ploughing through.

My sweet friends that have kept me company

I wake up at 6 am, do my blog rounds for 2 hours and get down to knitting. Hard core knitting. 

Luckily, I have my sweet friends to keep me company and with their presence they cheer my on...

A sheep and a pirate making sure I am starting on time with my knitting every day at 8 am:


My psychedelic glam frog who never fails to make me smile, even when I am about to go totally bonkers and crazy out of my mind:


My balls of yarn that are patiently waiting to be knit up. I melt every time I look at my balls of yarn, I hold nothing against them, its me and me alone who puts so much pressure on myself:



And last but not least, my friend jenni standing on my desk with a smiling face, ensuring me that everything is going to be fine. Jenni lives in Portland and send me a "self puppet portrait". Brilliant!

Her supporting energy and love for me and my work are always present.


And last but certainly not least my sweet sweet husband who ALWAYS cheers me on and supports me!

We are both very busy with our creative work and knowing that he is in the other room doing his thing while I do mine is so precious. He gives me all the space I need and is never ever jealous for the time I spend with my yarn, needles and producing blog posts. I love that!

A great Sunday at yarn shop La Casita's in Brooklyn

Yesterday, after having worked long days and long hours on production knitting, I just wanted one thing: go to a yarn shop La Casita's, knit and be inspired.

At first I wanted to bring my camera to have material for a Sunday blog post, but then I changed my mind. See, I wanted and needed a Sunday to myself without thinking about producing a blog post.

I had a great great time at La Casita's: knitting, socialising with others, touching many balls of yarn, drinking lattes, eating empanadas and topping the day off with several glasses of Cava. PERFECT!

Don't worry, I will take my camera with me when I head back to La Casita's later this week. You will be in for a treat!

Okay, folks, signing off because I got a lot of work to do. See you tomorrow, that's a promise!




La Casita's

I went there last Sunday. Nice store. Friendly and helpful staff. I didn't expect to get anything. But finally I walked with a ball of Noro and some tools. haha...Once again, thanks.p.s. I didn't have time to walk to Brooklyn General. Maybe next time... J

La Casita's

J, sorry I didn't bump into you at La Casita's! I must have gotten there right after you... I LOVE La Casita's!


Yes, nice store. I think I may go back again soon. Cause I need one more ball from them. J.

I LOVE your frog! What is the

I LOVE your frog! What is the yarn, btw? I'm guessing Cascade 128.

Yup, Cascade 128 Superwash!

Yup, Cascade 128 Superwash, Susan! You and I appreciate it so much :)

I love my frog too! My friend in the Netherlands gave it to me when I visited her last year.  Psychedelic glam frog, hahaha! 

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