Our Ability to Inspire



Last Saturday, my friend Chris Tolomei took me on an East Bay yarnshop tour. We had a wonderful day, with lots of yarn fondling, good lunch, a photo shoot of the Miss Jenni Shawl, and lots of conversation.

After our day together, I was filled with new blogpost ideas about photography and specifically photography with models.

A few days later, I had an energetic telephone conversation with my new friend Jennifer Iannolo, the woman behind Foodphilisophy"and CEO/Chief editor of Culinary Media Network.

We talked about all kinds of inspiring topics; new media, social media, following your passion, socializing with like-minded people, giving each other a helping hand and what not.

After our conversation, my head was simply spinning and lots of ideas swirled and swirled around me.

Encounters like these excite me to no end. I love how we have the ability to touch each other and give each other new ideas and new visions.

Our ability to inspire


Today, I would like to make you aware of your ability to inspire.

Sometimes, without even knowing it, you inspired somebody.

Maybe it is something you said, something you wrote,  something you made, something you wore,  or a helping hand that you offered. Or maybe it is because you were just simply kind.

Also, if you are inspired by somebody, let them know! It will put a smile upon their face, I promise!

As for knitting


Yesterday I went to yarn shop Imagiknit to get me some yarn for two projects: the upcoming Nettie Hat and Hilde Hat.

For the Nettie Hat I purchased a silk/merino blend by Malabrigo and I did a quick test knit. I like how it came out:


I did not come to knitting this hat if it wasn't for Wanett Clyde. She is the one who inspired me with her Felicity Hat!

At this moment I am working on a lovely project called Hilde Hat by designer Kristin Alexandra from the blog Voolenvineknits. I found Kristin through a knitter named Telma from the blog Knittyornice.

So far I am loving the progress of my Hilde Hat and I am using a silk/bamboo blend by Classic Elite. Perfect for summer wear!


Thank you Chris, Jennifer, Wanett, Kristin, Telma and oh so many others out there for your spark of inspiration.

Keep on sharing, because your spark gives me plenty of ideas to share in return.

We are all interlinked and we are all in this wonderful thing together!


Thank you for reading and until the next entry...