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I am going to see my family in Amsterdam during the Holidays and New Year's... For 5 long years, I have not been able to be with them during the Holiday Season and needless to say, I am super excited.

So, tomorrow, I am heading east, accros the USA, accros that big old pond, to finally arrive in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in Europe. I was raised in Amsterdam and lived there for 30 years. In April 2005 I left that beautiful city to marry an American guy from New York. By doing so, I left everything that was familiar to me; my family, my friends, my live in the Netherlands.

I had to start anew in the United States of America and after two years of traveling, we made Portland, Oregon our homebase.

Sometimes, when I walk around Portland, I suddenly stop and say to myself: "I cannot believe it... I cannot believe it... here I am, little old me, in the United States of America!"

Dear reader, imagine walking away from all that is known to you. Walking away from your loved ones and give up everything to start anew in a different country. Now that is a big adventure.

As for knitting

Now that my two major events have passed (launch party and the Ginger Suite Holiday Party), I have time to dream away about new designs. I browse books and magazines for ideas and inspiration. In the picture below you see topmodel Mila Jovovich wearing a big huge cowl:


The yarns that immediately come to mind when I see this are Twinkle and Cascade Magnum. Or even Rowan Big Wool will do!

In the next picture you see a simple grey scarf. I just love the simplicity and lines of that ribbing:


I am thinking Ultra Alpaca from Berocco. Yummmm! Berocco, by the way, is a brand that gets two thumbs up by yours truly. Great quality for a very good pricepoint! Next time you are in your local yarnshop, ask if they have yarns from Berocco. I recommned it to everybody.

How sweeeeet is the hat in the next picture:


I am thinking about the yarn Chloe by Karabella. It has cotton and mohair and it is simply luscious. If I am not mistaken, we have that yarn in that color at the shop Closeknit... Also, Cashmerino from the brand Debbie Bliss comes to mind. I remember seeing that beautiful vintage color in the shop!

Leaving tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning I will hop on the plane and head eastwards.

Not only am I excited to see my family and friends again, I am also exited to walk around the city of Amsterdam and soak in its wonderful old world architecture, art and fashion.

I will be knitting away at a typical little cafe in the heart of downtown Amsterdam and will absorb all of what Amsterdam has to offer.

Next time I will post a blog entry, I will be in Amsterdam!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry.


goede reis!

goede reis!

We'll miss you! Wish I could

We'll miss you! Wish I could fit in your suitcase!

sounds like a very exciting

sounds like a very exciting trip!! Enjoy the time with your family and your time too relax, too. Happy Holidays! xo

Have a wonderful time!

Have a wonderful time!

Have a great trip -- I'm so

Have a great trip -- I'm so excited for you!

Have a safe and fun trip!!

Have a safe and fun trip!!

Nancy, Hope you have a


Hope you have a great visit with your family.

See you at the yarn store when you return.

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