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Last Saturday and Sunday, I participated in a craft fair in downtown Manhattan together with my friend multi-media artist Faune Yerby.

When I arrived at the venue, it struck me how cold it felt and I wasn't feeling the over all ambiance of the space. 


When I got ready to set up my work, my trousers ripped. Great. 

Then, later in the morning, the enamel of one of my front teeth chipped off. Yay.

And no matter what I did, I couldn't get warm. I was simply chilled to the bone. From there, my attitude went downhill but I picked myself up and tried to make the best out of it.

Sunday started even on a weirder note: one of my fellow subway travelers decided to get... uhmmm... fartsy and I kid you not, the whole bench was vibrating! I also saw the biggest and meanest rat wandering on the subway platform with the longest tail ever, and when I arrived at the craft venue, I was soaking wet because of a fierce Sunday morning rain.

Needless to say, this knitter was in a grumpy mood...

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Dear reader, what can I say? Sometimes you are successful, other times you are not.

Knitted goods

My knitted goodies did not get the appreciation I wished for them, and it showed in my sales. All in all I sold only 4 items! 

When my precious knits looked at me with teary eyes, I assured them that it's not their fault. The crowd wasn't my target audience. And in that case, no matter what you do, product will not move.

On a more positive note!

I did have a great time with Faune and several other artist during the craft fair. We were talking about doing business in the craft industry and everybody was so sharing with their valuable knowledge.

Also, being in that particular craft market made me re-define what my style is. And when you have a sharper knowledge of your very own style and the feeling you want to evoke with your work, you will carefully choose your markets.

When your style is quirky and unconventional, it has no use being in a traditional market. Or when your style is traditional, it has no use being in an off the beaten path market. 

Without passing judgement on any styles or markets, I learned where I fit in and where I don't fit in. And that my friend, is a valuable lesson. 

See, it's all trial and error, baby. This is all part of the learning curve and makes it truly an adventure.

I am also thankful that Faune is taking me by the hand in this crafty business. She has been so very kind to me by offering me an "in". As a NYC newbie, you really need that. So here's to Faune! Thank you!!!

Big huge cowl

Faune asked me to do some free lance knitting for her with her gorgeous handspun yarn. With needle size US35, I produced these luscious cowls with exaggerated stitch. It is a very quick knit and therefore perfect for last minute gift knitting!


In the next few days I will share this easy peasy pattern with you. Have your super bulky weight yarn ready and stay tuned!

Also, several of you wondered about the fingerless mitts with strap and button. Those are my Sally Gloves design which is for sale on Ravelry.

Okay, that's it for today folks! Thank you for reading and until the next entry.



It Wasn't You It Was your Audience

As you said, some times our target market is off.  Your audience wasn't up to the caliber of your pretties.  Keep on truckin!  Don't look back. 

Sharon, I will take that

Sharon, I will take that valuable lesson with me. Onward to the next adventure!

Your work is gorgeous. You

Your work is gorgeous. You will sell it in a better environment, I'm sure of it! I love your confidence.

Susan, I am making this

Susan, I am making this little disappointment into a steppingstone. The only way is UP!

Another day is a sunny day

It's not easy but I believe you can make it. J

J, I believe it too!!!

J, I believe it too!!!

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