No time to block

no time to block2

I have been obsessing over my knitting...again. All I can think about are lace triangular shawls and I have finished three of them already.

I almost feel like a freak, but... hey, so be it. I am a freak. An obsessing knitting freak.

So far I have finished two Holden Shawlettes and one Peacock Shawlette. But do I take time to block them? No. 

And why is that? I have no time to block...I already have another triangular lace shawl on the brain. 

So my three finished shawls are patiently waiting until I am done obsessing. I am sure they understand...

no time to block3

They are so sweet... edges curled up and all frumpled like that. In this unblocked state, they already are such beauties.

Just you wait until I block them... just you wait. It is the ultimate thing in lace knitting. It puts you in a high and you almost weep seeing such infinite beauty unfolding right in front of your very eyes.

Next shawl up: Gingko Shoulderette

Another triangular shawl is about to be created and this time it's the Gingko Shoulderette by Maggie Magali. I went on the prowl for beautiful hand painted yarn and I found it at Purl Soho.

Look at this sweetness... a fingering superwash merino and seacell yarn in a gorgeous dusk rose color:

no time to block6

The tone on tone light vintage champagne/pink color is just PERFECT. Two thumbs up for the artist who painted this bundle of gorgeousness!

It's a brand I hadn't encountered before: ANZULA.

no time to block7

I had the pleasure to see several of their colorways and let me tell is really to die for. I had such a hard time choosing, I spend over an hour petting and drooling. Each colorway enticed me and I swear, they all wanted to come home with me. 

I am so excited to have found this hand painted yarn brand!

I want to say thank you to the reader who told me about another hand painted yarn brand called Hazel Knits. Check it out, everybody, their coloring is absolutely gorgeous too. I wish a yarn shop close to me would carry Hazel Knits yarn...

Should anybody out there know of other hand painted yarn brands, please let me know.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


i think i caught the bug!

such gorgeous shawls -- and they make the perfect summer projects! small, portable, lightweight (not a pound of wool sitting on your lap!!) interesting but not too intense, and perfect to wear in those first few weeks of fall!  I just cast on the for ginkgo shawl in a shade of dusty rose. thanks for the inspiration! 

Yay! I finished mine and I

Yay! I finished mine and I absolutely love it!!!

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