A new month!


Hi there, how was every body's weekend? Did you get some knitting done, and if so, what are you knitting on?I have been knitting on socks, which is a rare thing for me to knit!

Today, the first day of a new week and the first day of a brand new month, we had STELLAR weather here in NYC. The sun was shining so brightly and the yellow leaves on the tree looked golden against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we just had to go out and take a stroll.

What a great way to start our week... Now let's see what's in store at Getting Purly With It in the next few days.

Follow ups

Clickety Clack1

We will have a follow up on the Zara Cowl design process and also a follow up on the shoe mood board which focuses on a line for Early Spring. Thanks to those who gave their feedback, you inspired me and I will take your notes into consideration. Now mind you, I have never done a design line before where I work with a mood board and choose the colors and materials before hand. This is all new to me and I would love for you to embark on this adventure too.

Also, several readers have asked me knitting questions and I want to address those during a blog post so that we all can learn. Maybe you have noticed the questions in the comment section and I want to encourage you to keep on asking questions. Don't be afraid to ask, okay? And when you are a bit shy to comment where everybody can see, no worries, you can always get in touch with me through the contact form

Three beautiful ladies

My projects for this week are knitting my designs for three beautiful ladies. We don't live near each other but I have communicated with them through FaceBook. All three don't knit, but I would LOVE to gift them a knitted item because I know they will appreciate and wear it.

Everybody, meet the gorgeous Sherice from Chicago:


I would simply love for her to wear a pair of Lana Fingerless gloves. I asked Sherice to trace her hand and fore arm for me so that I can costume fit her Lana gloves. Of course I will show you in detail how to do this. 

Next up is beautiful Rachel from Portland:

number 2

We met in yarn shop Close Knit during a yarn crawl. She told me that she is not a knitter but appreciates knitwear. Unfortunately, often times the beautiful knitted accessories are too small for her and when she told me that I wanted to do something about it. I will knit a Vanessa headband for Rachel.

Also, Rachel is allergic to wool and I want to find her a yarn that is hypo allergenic. I think I can find that at the Lion Brand Studio in downtown Manhattan. 

Last but not least, sweet Charly from Amsterdam, my brother's girlfriend. I thoroughly adore this lady and I want to make her a Vanessa headband too:


I want to make Charly's headband out of cashmere and I know where to get some for a good price: Schoolproducts yarn in downtown Manhattan!

I really like these ladies and it makes me happy to make something for them. All I want in return is a picture with them wearing the item. I would love to see how my designs look on these ladies!

I am having fun on FaceBook and I love the connections that I have made. If you want to be friends with me on FaceBook, just shoot me a note saying that you are a knitter and that you read my blog. I would be happy to connect with you this way. You can find me here on FaceBook.


a new month!1

Also this week, I would like to talk about knitting books. I have purchased several new ones over the past month and I want to put them in the spotlight. 

I am a sucker for knitting books... I buy lots of them and browse for ours. How about you? Do you take home a lot of knitting books too? 

It is going to be another busy week with lots of knitting, yarn shop visits and design musings. So much fun!

Thanks for reading and until tomorrow!




What a nice project, an honour to be part of it!Nice to see some pictures of you in New York City, you look good! (and very nice shoes! ;) )Looks like its nice autumn weather.with Love Charly


Ooooh, zo leuk dat je meedoet aan dit project, Charly :)  

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