A new chapter in our life

New Chapter2

Today, while waiting for my husband at a fountain, somewhere in downtown San Francisco, my heart skipped a beat when I saw him walk up to me with a bouquet of fresh spring flowers.

Feeling rather giddy I told him that I casted on a very special knitting project. "It is a lace project and it is to always remember the start of this new chapter in our life", I revealed to him with, I am sure, sparkle in my eyes.

But my dear reader, this project is also to commemorate and to give thanks for the beautiful time I have experienced in Portland.

For this occasion, I have decided to cast on the Flower Basket lace scarf, designed by the one and only Evelyn A. Clark.

Flower Basket Lace Shawl and Scarf

New Chapter1

It was Eunny Jang who, through her blog, introduced me to this gorgeous piece of lace. Too new of a knitter, I could only dream about knitting lace. But I promised myself, that one day, I am going to knit this piece.

And that day, my dear reader has come! Oh joy!

With some Venezia worsted by Cascade, and Addis US#9, I have started this special project today and am very happy with it so far.

The lace pattern is fairly easy, and has several "anchors" in each row which I can focus on for when things go awry. And believe you me, things do go awry in lace knitting.

I simply cannot wait to finish this project!

Good match with my vintage inspired style

New Chapter5

The color, the yarn and the project have also been carefully chosen with regard to my wardrobe. See, I love vintage inspired dresses and shoes and I think that this lace piece would go so well with my style.

I already envision myself struttin' with my gorgeous lace shawl, carrying with me the wonderful memories of friends made and good times had in Portland. All the while, walking hand in hand with my husband, with whom I feel closer to than I have ever felt in our marriage.

Life is truly grand...

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


Your knitted lace is

Your knitted lace is beautiful, and such an inspiration. I am just learning how to knit lace patterns. Thank you for sharing.

SMART! not just as gifts..but

SMART! not just as gifts..but to mark an event..I love it.

I love the idea of knitting

I love the idea of knitting something special for a significant time in your life. Thinking of you there in the windy foggy city...E

It is going to be so lovely

It is going to be so lovely and what a wonderful way to commemorate the new adventure.

Pretty! We will miss you

Pretty! We will miss you here, but are so happy for you on your new adventure!

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