My Sweet Community

My Community2

When my husband and I moved to New York City last September, I was very excited but also a bit nervous. As insecurities settled in my heart, I anxiously wondered whether New York City would accept me as a friend.

Being the new kid on the block I was quite shy and very intimidated, but it didn't stop me from getting out there to find my people. I was determined to find my kindred spirits and to connect with them. 

And If I would find them, I could only wish that they would accept me in a warm and loving way...

La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe

My Community6

After criss-crossing all over New York City, visiting many wonderful yarn shops and meeting great great people, I finally ended up in Brooklyn. Several people had told me about a new yarn shop on Smith street called La Casita and of course I had to visit!

The very first thing I noticed when I walked into La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe was the genuine friendliness and warmth. Also their enthusiasm and curiosity about my story and where I came from was simply heart warming and I felt immediately accepted.

My Community5

La Casita's enthusiasm for my work resulted in a week long trunk show and looking back I now realize that this was my debut into the NYC knitting community. Fortunately, my work was received well by knitters and I have made many wonderful connections ever since.

And just like that, hardly two months after I landed in NYC, I had found the place were I would connect with my community.

My sweet community

I lived in Amsterdam, traveled all over the USA, lived for two years in Portland and have now settled in NYC. During my adventures, I have encountered many wonderful people who have made my transient life truly amazing. 

My Community9

I realize that no matter where I am, I will always find my people and forge warm relationships. However, I never would have thought that a material called yarn, would show me the way and connect me with "my people".

My sweet community consist of very talented and enthusiastic knitters.

My Community16 

We inspire each other, help each other and share the love for yarn.

My Community14 My Community7

We are creative and find ways to make our surroundings as beautiful as we possibly can.

My Community11 My Community10

Within my community I feel genuinely accepted and loved and every one is dear and near to my heart. 

My Community8    

Am I one lucky knitter or what? To be surrounded and accepted by such beautiful women in my community is truly a gift.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



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