My first handknitted gift sweater...

Who does not remember their first kiss? Or their very first date? Even their very first break up for that matter... Where ever your mind wanders off to now, hold on to that "my first" sentiment and link it to yarn and knitting. This week's theme will be, you might have guessed: "My First..." My first (and only) handknitted gift sweater A long time ago, when I was in my early twenties, my boyfriend's mom knitted me a sweater. When she handed it to me, I politely said "thank you", but my thoughts were condescending. Being the smug and arrogant twenty something that I was, I looked down upon handknitting, categorized it foolishly as 'old fashioned' and oh 'so not cool'. I stored the sweater in my closet and forgot about it. My boyfriend's mom never saw me wear it. Years later, long after her son and me had broken up, the forgotten sweater surfaced just by accident. I was amazed how well it actually looked on me! I got many many compliments whenever I wore that sweater. Still I did not appreciate it. My First Sweater Gift Now, a bit more mature, wiser AND a knitter, I hang my head in shame. How I wish I could reach out to that sweet woman who knitted that beautiful sweater for me. How I wish I could say to her thank you for all the hours you put in that sweater, for choosing just the perfect color and yarn, for the time you took to sew the sleeves, front and back together. Thank you so incredibly much for the LOVE you put in every single stitch! However, some things from the past are better left untouched... Great Adirondack Soxie Progress! Uh oh ... are you scared yet? Don't worry they are just needles and so harmless, really: SoxieProgress1 Phew, looks much less intimidating this way: SoxieProgress2 Heel is shaped, stitches are picked up and the gusset is done: SoxieProgress3 Soxie is scheduled to be finished tomorrow!


I liked your story. It's

I liked your story. It's good that you eventually found out the value of such a gift. Better late than never. You should submit this to Yarnival-- I think others would enjoy it too.

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