My famous chin

Jade Sapphire ad4

Well whaddya know and who would've thunk... My very own chin appeared in the latest VOGUE Knitting...

I wrote earlier that I have been designing for Jade Sapphire's newest yarn called "Moonlight" a delicious hand spun cashmere/mink blend. An ad showing my designs appeared in VOGUE Knitting on page 22. Check it out, upper left:

Jade Sapphire ad3

Gah... I think I've got butterflies in my belly...

Here is a close up of the ad:

JS_YMN_VK Moonlight ad3-3

The designs that I am wearing are called "Amanda Neckwarmer" and "Luna Infinity Scarf":

gpwi_AmandaNeckwarmer_cover gpwi_LunaInfinity_cover

The Amanda Neckwarmer and Luna Infinity will make their debut at the TNNA trade show in Columbus Ohio this month.  I will release the patterns online in September. 

Oh that chin of mine...I am so proud of it...

This Jade Sapphire ad also appeared in the latest YMN Magazine, so if you have a copy, look for it!

How I celebrate

I treated myself on some gorgeous Madeline Tosh lace weight yarn in colorway "Fragrant". 

Jade Sapphire ad7

I have yet to choose the triangular shawl I am going to knit with it!

I made it to VOGUE Knitting through an ad by Jade Sapphire and I am very happy about that. My next goal is of course to have a pattern published in VOGUE Knitting! Now that would be something...

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

Jade Sapphire ad6



I would know that chin

I would know that chin anywhere!  Congrats Nancy!  Please sell me your patterns cause I just ordered the mink!sally

Wow! :)

Congratulations Nancy! And how inspiring that you've achieved every yarn-lusters dream. You are leading by example in a common life lesson: That if you have a dream, a goal, or a passion and work hard towards achieving it, you can shape and mold your life into whatever it is you imagine!:)Love, Monica

Monica, thank you so much for

Monica, thank you so much for your words! It is a good reminder to myself. 

I cannot wait to see how your passion will bring you further!!!

But of course you're in Vogue!

That's where you belong. I always knew you'd do it.



I am not surprised!! I cannot

I am not surprised!! I cannot wait to see what happens next.Sharon

Thanks so much, Sharon!!! 

Thanks so much, Sharon!!! 

Thank you for your nice

Thank you for your nice comments!!!

sweet & tres belle! does elle

sweet & tres belle! does elle still have a knitting page? maybe the french version ... the world is yours!

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your famous chin, and your lovely patterns!

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