My Biggest Mistake




My biggest mistake for the past 3 years, is not updating my website. Not showing up, not writing, not taking pictures is a big no no when you want to have some sort of an online presence. I have failed miserably in this regard. And when one fails there are two things you can do: you stay down... or... you get up again.




What have you been up to, Nancy, for the past 3 years?

Oh dear, been working hard, trying to get noticed in the city of all cities. I have had, just like anybody else, my ups and my downs. And just like anybody else, I have had my doubts and my fears about whether what I am doing is the right thing.

At times, I admit, I wondered if I still belong in this colorful world of yarn and knitting...and then my doubts are quickly chased away by the mere sight of gorgeous yarns.



My dear friend, how have you been? I am sorry to have left you in the dark for so long. I hope we reconnect, and I am reaching out to you after so many years, and hope you are willing to return to this space.

I am keeping it short and sweet for now... Keep those needles clicking and the yarn flowing in abundance!




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