The first day of December started out as moody as can be: grey skies, fierce winds and a good splash of rain. I was going to visit yarn shop Knitty City, but this rainy day convinced me otherwise.

Days like this have a tendency to affect my spirits negatively but luckily I was able to ward it off by working dilligently on my production knitting and surrounding myself with colorful yarn. 

I played around with a ball of Malabrigo Rasta colorway Oxido and needlesize US 35:



I adore this colorway and enjoyed the knitting but gave the end result a big thumbs down. Rip rip rip it went! 

Oh well... it is all part of the process.

The cool, young and fashionable

It is late at night as I am writing this, I just came home from an event at Madewell down in Soho where Wool and the Gang had a small event.

I visited the Wool and the Gang store back in October and was impressed by their interior design and aesthetics; they are cool, young and most of all geared to the fashionable crowd.


When I received an invitation from Wool and the Gang to attend a shopping Holiday Party at the fashion store Madewell (owned by J.C. Crew), I didn't hesitate and made my way downtown. I wanted to see what Wool and the Gang was up to and you know me, whenever there is yarn and needles, I am so there.


When I arrived at Madewell's on Broadway I was so happy to see a group of young women in a knitting circle. There was music, drinks and lots of cookies. And of course there was yarn. Big yarn with big needles. Fast projects and instant gratification.

Everybody that was interested could try to knit and the young ladies were very enthusiastic about it all. They were all making knitted bracelets which you could finish within 20 minutes: cast on 14 with super bulky weight yarn and needle size US 19, knit a row, purl a row and cast off.

Perfect beginners project!

When I came home, my husband asked me if I felt comfortable over at Madewell's among the cool, young and fashionable. My answer: OF COURSE!

Where ever there is yarn, needles and people knitting away, I feel very comfortable. It doesn't matter to me what kind of crowd a certain event is geared to.

To me only one thing matters, and that is the yarn and my love for knitting. That precious thread will lead me anywhere!

It's late and I am so very tired, my friends. A happy tired, though.

Lastly I want to thank you for all the nice comments on yesterday's blog post. How I heart you all!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...




I would join you and

I would join you and JelliDonut and we could be a happy threesome, all tied up in our knitting, yarns, and lots of fun and laughter along the way :-)  I really like the yarn and colorway you were knitting with. The way the end curved in in the photo, it made me think of a purse. I cannot imagine even trying to knit with size 35 needles. How do you even hold onto them, let alone control what you are doing! Now that is a video we all may like to see. idea for a tutorial. :-)  Hope you end up making something to your liking. I had to smile at your husband's question - and I hope he had a smile on his face when he asked it.  May your dreams tonight be filled with beautiful, colorful yarns and gorgeous finished objects.  Pleasant dreams. :-)

Knitting with US 35 is a real

Knitting with US 35 is a real trip! Very clunky and kind of like a work out with your entire arms. Not elegant at all, I must say...

Ever heard of Christien Meindertsma? I think she knits with telephone poles!

If i could, I'd live in NYC

If i could, I'd live in NYC in a heartbeat! Thanks for this great post.

There is a lot going on in

There is a lot going on in NYC. It never stops! Allthough I love it here, I must say I am terrible in handling the crowds! 

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