Mink yarn by Jade Sapphire




The brand Jade Sapphire, who I admire for their excellent cashmere, has put out a new exotic yarn: mink yarn.

This incredibly luxurious yarn is hand spun out of combed mink. Rest assured that the little animals have not been harmed in any way!

When I picked up this yarn at La Casita's, I was just blown away and simply had to take it home with me. Because this is a delicate fiber, I wound it into a ball by hand.


The knitting experience is superb and the fabric it yields is pure opulence. I made a Sally Fingerless glove and I could not believe how soft my glove felt. Not to mention the extreme warmth it gave off!

Dear reader, I was screaming like a woman who just got asked to be married by the love of her life,  and opened that little box to find a big huge diamond rock. To be on cloud nine while knitting with this yarn would be a tremendous understatement.

When I finished my Sally Glove, I searched for a button for the strap. I found a beautiful black button, but to be honest, I wanted a button for this piece made out of a gemstone. Yes, this yarn DESERVES to be adorned with a gemstone!


Immediately, I had visions of princesses and queens in fairy tales wearing a luxurious headband out of this yarn adorned with gemstones.  Or how about a slew of the Chinese Emperor's favorite concubines, all wearing hats made out of this yarn to compliment their heavy silk costumes on their trip to the winter palace in the snowy mountains? Oh my Lord, I am getting carried away!

When I visited La Casita's yesterday, I showed them my Sally Glove made out of the mink yarn and a costumer tried on the glove. This was her statement:

"Oh Nancy! How can you EVER knit with anything else after this???"

Exactly my point...sigh...

I bet you are curious for it's price point right? Get this, 120 yards of this divine yarn retails for only $29.-- !

Bravo, Jade Sapphire, for offering such a divine exotic fiber. I am truly in awe and I will sing its praise.

The cute little elephant in yesterday's post

After yesterday's post, I received several questions about that cute little elephant. 


It is a pattern by the talented designer Ysolda Teague, and it is called "Elijah".

This elephant was made out of a yarn by the brand Studio Avenue Six on Etsy.

So incredibly cute... did you notice his hat and scarf too?

That's it for tonight, folks! Thanks again for visiting and until the next entry!




The Perfect Button for your Sally Glove????

Those Sally Gloves certaily do look delicious - I can't wait to get to La Casita.  Since you are looking for a unique button for your gorgeous gloves here you go......http://tenderbuttons-nyc.com/I have not been here yet but was refered by a colleague.

Tender Buttons, luxe yarn

Tender Buttons is a great store, but I think that gorgous glove deserves a transformed vintage bejeweled brooch as its button, usually can pick up at fleas, etc. (I'm ashamed to say that I have over 500 pins to my name).

This yarn is making me drool, as is your description. I'll have to admit to being a yarn snob, having gone over to the cashmere side over 10 years ago, only veering off course for camel and silk, cashmere and silk, superfine merino and silk, a theme here.  

Oh, you are so right about

Oh, you are so right about that glove deserving a bejeweled brooch as its button!

This mink yarn is very special, but also fragile. When you knit with it, strand it with a lace weigt yarn.

Jade Sapphire's newest yarn called Moonlight is also DELICIOUS. It is a handspun mink/cashmere yarn and simply DIVINE.

I have worked with musk ox but I have yet to try  the fibre Vicuna... 



Mink Yarn

I cannot stand when a knitting magazine advertises a yarn (i.e., the Jade Sapphire Mink) and you cannot find it anywhere!   I just want to know how much it costs!

Hi there! I bought this Mink

Hi there! I bought this Mink Yarn by Jade Sapphire at my local yarn shop La Casita in Brooklyn and paid $29 for a skein! I thought that was a very reasonable pirce.I was fortunate enough to get my hands on it because it is their newest yarn and I think La Casita got it before any other yarn store.Hope your local yarn shop will have it too soon!

mink yarn

I have been looking for this yarn and can not find it anywhere, could you please let me know where I can order it from....I live in Montana and no one has it.  Thank you so much, J.Pace

I know that La Casita Yarn

I know that La Casita Yarn Shop in Brooklyn carries this yarn. Visit their website and contact them:


Or you can contact the yarn company that distributes this MINK YARN and ask them which yarn shop nearest to you carries it. Visit their website and contact them:


I can't imagine knitting with

I can't imagine knitting with mink! Before I read the price of the yarn, I was sure it would be at least twice as much as it is.  Amazing!  After that, I finally have time to tell you that my go-to, inexpensive yarn is Plymouth Encore Worsted.  I love the way it feels, knits, and turns out in items. The color selection is wonderful, including tweeds, stripings, etc. I haven't used the DK and Chunky yet, but feel certain I will like them as well.   That elephant is the cutest thing and am impressed with the expertise of the maker to get the colors to turn out the way they did on the bottom of the feet.  Sounds like you have found a gem in that yarn shop and the people that work there and frequent it! :-) 

Right...! Plymouth is a good

Right...! Plymouth is a good brand that is very affordable! I had almost forgotten about it, thanks for bringing it back to my attention. I also like their Alpaca yarns...

The maker of elephant Elijah is a very talented knitter, yarn dyer, designer, pattern writer and tech editor... I am fortunate to have met such a skilled woman like Rachel at La Casita's :)



Congratulations on everything your doing Nancy. It is wonderful for you. I love reading your blog and I can't wait to try some of that yarn

Thanks so much! Everything

Thanks so much! Everything has been going well so far here in NYC...  I am so happy you love reading my blog :D


Thanks for posting the picture of my Elijah, Nancy!  It is such a great pattern that he is the perfect first stuffie for anyone to make. Or the billionth - Ysolda writes the best patterns.  Though, of course, the cute little guy isn't really mine anymore.   I hope Tyler enjoys him for a good long time and doesn't rip of his head or drool too much on him in the first month.  :-)Rachel

Hey Rachel!  Thanks for

Hey Rachel! 

Thanks for stopping by :) Your "Elijah" is the sweetest most colorful of them all...and your yarn is just PERFECT for it.

Tyler is a lucky little man to be receiving such cuteness!

See you soon at La Casita's!

I Love it

Hi Nancy I am going to have to pick this up and make your gloves on this one! I love it..

I hope you will love it as

I hope you will love it as much as I do. Jade Sapphire just put it on the market and I haven't seen it online yet. It's that new!

It looks delicious

It really melted my heart! J

It melted my heart too, J!

It melted my heart too, J!

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