I remember so vividly the first time I saw Marlowe in the shop.

An adorable wee little one, wearing a knitted bonnet with the cutest outfit ever, running around the yarnshop with her sassy Adidas (!) and mini legwarmers.

Needless to say that this little girl immediately melted my heart..!

Mini Sally Fingerless Gloves

Before you are all blinded by Marlowe's cuteness, look more closely at her picture. Notice how Marlowe is wearing mini Sally Fingerless Gloves???? SCREAM!!!!


Marlowe's Mom, named Melanie, wrote me an e-mail telling me how much she liked the Sally Fingerless Gloves pattern and that she had knitted several pairs.

But what really got me jumping up and down of excitement is when Melanie told me that she had changed the pattern into mini fingerless gloves for Marlowe!

For those who are not familiar with my Sally Fingerless Glove pattern, here's a picture:


Little Muse

Little Muse Marlowe has all the ladies in her family knitting for her.

The cute crocheted hat was made by her paternal grandmother, the sweater was knitted by her maternal grandmother and her mom made the mini Sally Gloves. Sweeeeeet!


Man... I want to knit something for Marlowe too... She's truly a little muse!

Hmmm... I should design some kid stuff, shouldn't I ? Fun!

Thank you so much Melanie and Marlowe... you really made my day...

Pictures courtesy of Alexis Achten from Jasmine Photography.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Just lovely! What a precious

Just lovely! What a precious little thing -- girl AND gloves!

How adorable!

How adorable!

This is the cutest thing

This is the cutest thing ever...what a dream boat! Love your pattern in mini!

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