Madeline Tosh yarn...DELICIOUS!


Madeline Tosh5

Those who have been following me on Twitter these last few days, will not be surprised that this post is all about Madeline Tosh yarn. One word for this yarncompany: DELICIOUS! When Sally, owner of the yarnshop Closeknit, told us that some Madeline Tosh yarn was on the way, I could not have imagined that it would be this heavenly. As soon as it came in, I was lusting over it...

Sally then asked me to knit up a Felictiy Hat with some Tosh Worsted by Madeline Tosh and oh boy... I am in love!

Everything about this yarn is gorgeous: the beautiful tone on tone color just glows, the superwash yarn feels so silky and the yarn does not disappoint knitted up. I simply adore it...

My third Felicity Hat

Madeline Tosh6

As I said earlier, the yarn certainly does not disappoint all knitted up. It is lovely... For this Felicity Hat I casted on 84 stitches and followed the pattern exactly as written. When it was done, I found it a tad too small for my head but that all changed after I blocked it with some warm water and a dash of Eucalan ( no rinse woolwash). After blocked and dried, it fits just perfectly!

Madeline Tosh7

I am almost hesitant to give this one up for the shop... it so pretty!

Swatching with the leftovers

With the leftover Tosh Worsted I am knitting up a swatch. Lovely if you ask me!

Madeline Tosh3

The stitchpattern I am using is called "Seafoam". An easy pattern with lots of dropped yarn overs, quite entertaining to knit and the result I heart. Here's a close up:

Madeline Tosh2

Give Madeline Tosh yarn a try! You will not be disappointed. I promise. For more information about Madeline Tosh yarn click on the links below! Madeline Tosh Website Madeline Tosh Blog

Scary moments

I have had some scary moments over the past few days... I am still a bit shook up by it.

Regular readers of this blog must have noticed by now that I hardly write about my private life. But what has happened over the past few days, I just have to write about.

My dear husband called me at work last Friday telling me that he was on his way to the Emergency Room (ER) because of a kidney stone attack. He sounded "together" and I was a bit worried but not alarmed at all. The ER doctor put him on IV to hydrate him, gave him some antibiotics and all my husband had to do was just pass the stone.

Then, the next day on Saturday afternoon, when I came home from work, I found my poor husband down on his knees in the bathroom and in a state I cannot describe.  Ten minutes later I find myself in an ER Room staring at my husband who was in such agony , his whole body twisting and writhing of mere pain. His skin tone was frighfully grey and his eyes unrecognizable murky.

When we both made eye contact, while the nurse was trying to stick a needle in his arm, it took all of my strength not to break down in a million little pieces... It was in that very moment that I more than ever realized how much I love him. How much I lean on him for he is literally my ROCK. 

Long story short: a 5 millimeter (quarter of an inch) kidney stone got stuck somewhere between his right kidney and blatter and it took laser surgery to blast that sucker into little fragment.  I still cannot believe that such a tiny little stone could have caused so much agony and pain! 

Husband is doing well now, we are both still shook up about what happened... Okay, how's that for private information for ya on my knitting blog...

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Rather give birth than have a kidney stone attack.

I have had five attacks. so I can relate to what your hubby suffered.  Tell him to drink plenty of liquids and don't drink alot of tea.  Luv your work.  You've convinced me to try Madeline Tosh. Take care.

Magnesium pills

Hi Berryroseny, 

I cannot even fathom the pain of a kidney stone attack but having seen my husband going through one, convinces me that I never ever want to experience it myself.

He used to drink a lot of ice tea, not anymore! And ever since he is taking magnesium pills, everything seems to be going well. Fingers crossed no stones will agonize him again.

You had five attacks? Yikes!

Enjoy Madeline Tosh, I love working with it...


Nancy, Glad to hear that


Glad to hear that he is feeling better...hope all continues to go well.

Love the new hat...

Nancy, I tried to send you

Nancy, I tried to send you an email of encouragement through twitter when I first learned you husband was in the hospital. I don't know that I was successful though, I'm new to some of this technology. I'm so glad your husband is better. Very scary. I've heard that kidney stones are extremely (understatement?) painful. I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you and wishing you both well. Beautiful versions of Felicity emerging from the crisis. Gail

Whoa! That was scary. The way

Whoa! That was scary. The way your described it sounds awful. But I'm glad to hear your rock is better. Love you both!

glad to hear he's better. he'

glad to hear he's better. he' just as lucky to have you there to care for him as you are for him! all my best to both of you!

Oh, I'm so sorry for Mr.

Oh, I'm so sorry for Mr. Purly. I know just what you mean about certain events in life really clarifying and intensifying what we already know to be true. I'm glad he's feeling better. And nice hat, by the way! =)

Oh, glad he's feeling better!

Oh, glad he's feeling better! That's really scary.

The Madeline Tosh worsted looks lovely, especially in that shade of blue. I've seen her sock yarn, but it's too skinny for a sport weight sock knitter like me. Now I need to come into Close Knit and see what other weights and lovelies you have...


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