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It is no secret that I love to knit with luxury yarns. I have worked with merino, silk, alpaca, qiviuk and cashmere yarns, oh what a spoiled knitter I am!

I love to knit with those luxury fibers, but lately I have been asking myself: what do I actually know about the origin of these fibers? Nothing really...

To rid myself of my own ignorance, I have been particularly drawn to knitting books that talk about where certain fibers come from. I have searched high and low for the right book to capture my attention and finally I have come across it while browsing at String Yarns in NYC.

In her book "Luxury knitting, the ultimate guide to exquisite yarns" Linda Morse explains the origins of the fibers cashmere, merino and silk. A mix of history, use of these fibers in textiles then and now, and lots of beautiful pictures are provided. 

Of course there are also several pattern given in this book, so what's not to like? 

If you ever come across this book, be sure to give it a try. It en captured me from the get go and I instantly bought it.

Yarns that make my creative juices flowing

Linda Morse is also the owner of String Yarns in NYC so you can imagine that her luxury yarns make my creative juices flowing.

Today, I brought home a black skein of their cashmere and silk blend called Misto:


I am planning on making a pair of Lana Gloves with Misto. I stole this photo from String's website, I do hope they won't mind...

I also brought home this fun fun yarn called Cocco by Filatura Di Crosa:


Basically, this yarn has little pom pom like puffs attached to a strand. When knitted up, it resembles fur! Cannot wait to play with it...

And the yarn I bought the first time I visited String? It's so cool, it also looks like fur when knitted up:


It is called Natasha by Tahki Stacy Charles. Delightful... I got some great design ideas with this yarn!

Oi vey, I am getting that feeling of jumping all over the place again with yarn and design ideas... Is winter here yet???

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...



Looks like some pretty

Looks like some pretty gorgeous stuff is going to show up here very soon...


My head is spinning... for real... too much inspiration in this city!!!

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