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Over the past years I've had the fortunate opportunity to work with many luxurious fibers. 

My knitting career started with very affordable yarns such as Lambspride, a very good brand that produces very good yarn. If I wanted a yarn in a higher price range, I simply had to save my money and wait with my purchase.

Then came the abundant years... I was offered a job at yarn shop Close Knit on Alberta Street in NE Portland, and I felt like I had won the lottery!

Luxurious fibers

Sally Palin, the owner of Close Knit, has a wonderful eye for beautiful and luxurious yarns. I feel very fortunate that I was exposed to so much gorgeous material, and I feel even more fortunate that I was actually able to afford it. I wouldn't think twice dropping a lot of dollars for yarn. Really, at times, I would spent my entire pay check on yarn!

I have had the pleasure to work with gorgeous cashmeres that retail around $40-$50 per ball:

Cashmere by Artyarns



I have worked with the most delectable silks:


Beaded Silk Feather and Fan

And I have even had the opportunity to work with Qiviuk:


Oh la la! What a spoiled spoiled knitter I was! Money was not an issue at all, I was able to buy any yarn I wished for and then some.

Taking it down a notch

The abundant years are over and this means that I am no longer financially able to splurge on luxurious fibers. Oh well, it was good while it lasted and although I pouted at first, I am quite happy now.

Nowadays, I look for the affordable yarns and you know what? I am having just as much fun with knitting! Whether it's expensive yarn or affordable yarn, this knitter is having a good time no matter what.

You all have heard of the brand Cascade Yarns, yes? Well let me tell you this, Cascade has some really gorgeous and affordable yarns!

One of my favorite Cascade yarns is Venezia, a gorgeous silk/merino blend:


And currently, I am just smitten by their Cascade Superwash 128 yarn. A super soft bulky merino superwash. I love it to pieces:


You know, it's all good yarn. Really. Affordable and good good quality!

Lion Brand yarn

What has me even more pleasantly surprised in the affordable yarn realm is Lion Brand yarn. I went to the Lion Brand Studio a few weeks ago to buy some acrylic yarn for somebody who is allergic to wool. I must say, I really really like their yarns! Absolutely nothing wrong with Lion Brand! 

The cherry on top with Lion Brand? SUPER AFFORDABLE!

on the hunt3

I would like to end this post by saying that we all have our budget and we all buy within our means. Some have more to spend, some don't.

The other day when I was browsing at a yarn shop in Manhattan, a lady came in and told the cashier she had bought a very cheap skein of yarn at the Lion Brand Studio. She was very apologetic about it, as if everybody in the store would judge her for it.

The store owner gave this lady a terrific answer: "Nothing wrong with Lion Brand. Their yarn is as good as any other brand. We all buy within our means, right?"

Every body in the store agreed to that!

Never apologize for the material you are working with, dear knitter... really, there is no need to do that. Just be creative and happily knit away with the yarn you can afford. That's what I say!

So tell me, what affordable brand is your favorite? Would love to know!


Thank you for reading and until the next entry...


Hi, Nancy. This is Jess from

Hi, Nancy. This is Jess from Lion Brand. I would like to thank you for this excellent blog post. We work very hard to offer a wide range of yarns for every crafter's needs. As that shop owner said, everyone has their own budget; it's all about making something that you love with the yarn that you enjoy the most. We hope to see you at the Studio again soon! With warm regards,Jess H.Lion Brand Yarn

Hi Jess, thanks so much for

Hi Jess, thanks so much for stopping by! I plan on doing some designing with Lion Brand Yarns. Can't wait!

Regia and Cascade 220

I looked up the picture of Regia Tweed sock yarn. They look delicious to me.I have several hanks of Cascade 220. They're soft enough and the color variation is just great. 

Cascade is a real winner it

Cascade is a real winner it seems! And so is Regia sock yarn... thanks for yr input :)

Lion Brand

I have used Lion Brand a lot, especially when I am doing a lot of projects but want to keep my cost affordable.  I especially like their Wool Ease Thick and Quick.It would be great if you shared a project using one of their yarns.

Sharon, rest assured that in

Sharon, rest assured that in the next couple of months I will be designing with very affordable yarns. Lion Brand is definitely high on my list, if not #1 to design with!


borocco has many afordable yarns that are very luxurious, ultra alpaca anyone? i also buy from elann..lots of great fibers at really affordable prices! oh yeah and plymouths dyable skeins are also a fan of yarns from dharmah trading company..they are all for dying so only white/cream colors but lots of yardage, great prices and wonderfull selection of sizes and fibers..thanks for your post nancy! keep em coming..

Hello Miss Calley! Good to

Hello Miss Calley! Good to see you here :) 

I saw you made such gorgeous pieces... LOVE IT!

Yup, Berocco has beautiful yarns and super affordable...Same goes for Plymouth. I have yet to try Elann and I don't think I have tried Dharmah trading company yet.

Thanks for the input :)

Brown Sheep!

When I started knitting again about 12 years ago (?), I knit mostly with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. Nice yarn, pretty glow from the mohair, and completely affordable. I still use this for Christmas stockings! Their Lanaloft is great for felting, too.

Hi there! Yes, Borwn Sheep

Hi there! Yes, Borwn Sheep has good and honest product! I made my very first sweater out of Lamb's Pride worsted. It cost me around $50-$60 for a whole sweater, not bad!

I have yet too try their Lanaloft... I also like their Burly Spun. Big and fat yarn :)


I bought some cheap yarn from an annual sale of a yarn store. Frankly, the quality of the yarn is not good that it broke when I was knitting a hat. Then I told myself to be cautious about something cheap or too cheap. But then I discovered Lion Brand inspired by your post. The most recent yarn I tried from them is called Amazing. It's blended with wool and acrylic. I was intrigued by its self-striping color effect. The next yarn I would like to try is their high-end products. They look delicious to me.Thanks for your inspiration!J

Hi J! Oooh, I am so happy you

Hi J! Oooh, I am so happy you are liking the Lion Brand yarns too! Next time I am in there, I will check out their Amazing.

Their high-end products are great. They even have cashmeres. I also heard that they did a collaboration with Debbie Bliss, writer of the Stitch and Bitch books. Exciting :)

I love Cascade 220 and 128.

I love Cascade 220 and 128. There are some great affordable sock yarns out there too--Regia comes to mind. 

Yes, Cascade is such a good

Yes, Cascade is such a good and affordable brand! Regia has some pretty good product too, I remember Kaffe Fasset doing a line with them... Thanks for your input!

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