Lunch in Noe Valley

Noe Valley

Today I went to Noe Valley to have lunch with my friend Lexi.

On my way I wondered what had happened to the sun and somewhat disappointed I zipped up my jacket while staring at the overcast sky.

Seeing Lexi chased the grey away and I was so happy to just hang out with a friend and see a familiar face. Both me and Lexi met while we lived in Portland and we both moved to San Francisco earlier this year.

During lunch we reminisced Portland and exchanged stories about how it feels to just pack up and leave your friends and family behind to start from scratch in a new city. Although it is fun and very adventurous to embark on new journeys, at times it can also be hard especially when it comes to making new close friends.

When it was time to say our goodbyes, I gave Lexi some Poppies of Endearment:

Poppies for Lexi

Create things to look forward to. It will keep you going!

Bye sweet Lexi, hopefully one day we will see each other in New York City.

Lexi holding poppies

As I left Noe Valley behind me and hiked up the hill, I could see the San Franisco fog come rolling in...

Mist rolling in over Noe Valley

Just before it started to drizzle ever so slightly (or was it the tiniest of fog particles that I felt on my skin?) I found a lovely Jade plant and decided to adorn it with poppies:

Jade with Poppies

Always aspire higher. Reach for your fullest potential.

And once I stood on the highest point on the hill I paused for a moment. Only 2 more days to go and I will be leaving for New York City.

Highest point on Sanchez Hill

Thank you for reading and until the next entry.


thank you!

i had a fantastic time Nancy! And I am so lucky to have been part of your "poppies of endearment" project. I will read the message every day!!  Good Luck in the Big Apple. We will meet again soon!! Lexi ps.  miss you sister!!

Same here...

Same here, Lexi...good luck to you in San Francisco and come get a bite from the Big Apple :)

ahhh! my girls! how i miss

ahhh! my girls! how i miss your sweet faces! thank you for being so sweet to my sister! you will see her again im sure of it!!!

We miss you, Jenni..!

We talked about how we miss you so much, Jenni...

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