Lots of work ahead


How was everybody's weekend? Have you been able to relax a bit? And have you had some knitting time to yourself? I sure do hope so!

For me, the whole weekend through, I have been thinking about all the projects that lay ahead of me. It is really a lot and to prevent myself from going completely bonkers, I have set priorities on a weekly basis. 

Today, at the beginning of a new week, I would like to show you what you can expect from Getting Purly With It in the next few days!

Are you ready? Let's go!

Request from knitter Becky


Last week, knitter Becky contacted me on Ravelry asking me about my Seattle gloves. She really would like to knit her husband a pair of fingerless gloves, preferably the Seattle gloves. Only problem is, my Seattle gloves are knitted on needle size US#3, and Becky wants to use needle size US#7. Also, she would like to use her Mochi Plus yarn to knit the Seattle Gloves in a men size, using needle US#9.


How to go about this? How do you recalculate an existing pattern into the gauge that you want to use? And is there a big difference in sizing for Men and Women when it comes to fingerless gloves?

I think Becky has a very good question here, and in order for everybody to benefit from it, I am going to prepare a picture tutorial showing how to handle this knitting situation.

In this picture tutorial I am going to work with WORSTED/needle size US7 and ARAN/needle size US9.  

Request from knitter Jenni


My dear friend Jenni who is incredibly sweet (look at her, she's taking a picture of a heart on the street), went gaga over a cowl picture I posted on my Face Book account. The picture was from the Zara lookbook and I was particularly taken with the beautiful black and grey colors:


Jenni fell in love with the cowl and told me: "You must write out that cowl pattern!

And since I hardly can deny Jenni anything when it comes to knit wear, I guess I simply have to honor her request.

So there you have it, two requests from knitters are being honored and I am going to have my hands full this week!

Bumping into a muse: a pair of shoes


Oh sweet Heavens, I bumped into the most beautiful shoes I have ever come across in my whole entire life! They stopped my in my track and kept me up all night. They even kept me from thinking about yarn!

I purchased them and little did I suspect that these very shoes, would invoke design inspiration within me. I love it when that happens and in the coming week I am going to prepare a post on how this muse in the form of a pair of shoes is talking to me and making me dream about knitwear design.


So, lots to look forward to and lots to work on by yours truly! 

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow...



can't wait!

Thanks so much Nancy! I can't wait to knit your new pattern for my husband (and for me).Becky

Oh Nancy! I heart you! You fill my heart with so much love! {P.s. when did you take that picture of me? :}}

On our way to that southern bistro...

Jenni, I took that picture of you while we were on our way to that Southern Bistro? We were heading over there to have drink, I think with Lexi...  


The shoes AND the cowl. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Love those shoes!

OMG, I love those shoes... I feel like a little girly girl. The cowl is going to be on a big gauge!

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