Looking up from my knitting needles


It has been a little over 2 years since I first picked up knitting. I vividly remember my very first yarn I bought and I wrote about it way back when I just had started this blog. I was so captivated by yarn and knitting and soon enough I decided that I wanted to demistify this mesmerizing craft. And so I did... Over the past 2 years I have absorbed knitting knowledge like a thirsty sponge. I found myself buying all kinds of yarns, needles, notions, patterns and books... so many books! I have been extremely focused on knitting and all there was to learn about knitting and yarn. Sure enough, several months after I learned how to knit I even knitted my own little fingerless gloves. And soon after that, I started to write out my little glove patterns. books glove plethora BW3 I have explored lace knitting, sock knitting, sweater knitting, intarsia and cables. firstbookmodernlace easy cruising heelflap1 Lana Grossa Royal Tweed Heck, I even started to design and write my own sweater patterns... Finished Choli Choosing Venezia Cascade Worsted Allthough knitting still is my passion and absolutely #1 craft, I find myself pulled towards some other beautiful crafts out there. You may have noticed that at times, I buy fabrics and sewing patterns: Vintage Patterns1 Dogwood Japanese Fabric And as of late, I am very much drawn to paper... that looks like fabric. Inspiring Paper Cutting out Shapes2 Uh-oh... I am in deep deep trouble... I can already see a paper stash and a fabric stash growing in my yarnroom! What is a crafty gal to do, eh? Without exactly knowing where this all is leading to, I can say this with certainty: all of these mediums, yarn, fiber, fabric and paper make me happy. It truly lifts my spirits when I set eyes on these wonderful, wonderful materials. And I am going to focus on that what makes me happy and I am going to pursue that what ignites passion within me. One last thing: Knitting still is my number one passion and always will be. It is just, that lately, I have been looking up from my knitting needles and I have noticed that there is so much more out there... camelia Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!


Life is so short, enjoy

Life is so short, enjoy everything while you can !
Er is toch niets mee als je doet wat je veel voldoening geeft, het zijn tenslotte ongevaarlijke hobby's ! Hoewel ....?

I want to get into sewing,

I want to get into sewing, but I don't have any good fabric stores near me. =( I'm interested in seeing what you produce.

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