Life is good in NYC...


Today I had an appointment at Arrojo Studio in Tribeca and I was quite excited about it since I hadn't had a haircut for 7 whole months. When my friend Lana and I arrived at the studio, we were both like holy cow this salon is FANCY!

The whole interior of Arrojo Studio is ultra modern, there is a luxurious cafe, and one has to change into a black silk robe before an assistant will call your name and bring you to your stylist.

In the area where the stylists all were busy working, I enjoyed every single thing I saw: stylish and fashionable ladies walking around on high heels, hair artists discussing the latest trends with clients and beautifully sculptured cuts leaving the studio.

Next to yarn and shoes... I love hair fashion!

My stylist named Topher is just the sweetest and I left with my hair all layered, big, wavy and frizzy. Just like I wanted it.


I love getting my hair done... love it. Lana and me were lucky to get a good deal for our hair cuts! Two cuts for the price of one...woot!

After my hair appointment I decided to go to the Lion Brand Studio to browse for little bit. Life is good in NYC.

Fantastic window at Lion Brand Studios!

When I arrived at the Lion Brand Studios, I was so taken by their new window display! Fantastic! (Sorry for the crappy pictures, I didn't bring my dslr camera and was therefore forced to use my phone...)

Lion Brand Studio NYC Winter 2010

Lion Brand Studio NYC Winter 2010

Lion Brand Studio NYC Winter 2010

I browsed for hours to source some yarn for future designs and was just as satisfied as can be. Place me in a room with yarn and I am the happiest woman on earth.

Thanks for your feedback on affordable yarns!

Several knitters shared their favorite affordable yarn and brands in the comment section of yesterday's blog post and here's a list:

~ Cascade 220 and 128

~ Regia Sock yarn

~ Knitter J loves a yarn called Amazing by Lion Brand

~ Lamb's Pride and Lanaloft by the brand Brown Sheep

~ Knitter Calley loves the brand Plymouth, Berocco and also orders from

~ Knitter Sharon uses Lion Brand when she needs to knit a lot of projects to keep everything affordable. Sharon recommends Wool Ease Thick and Quick.

Great input, everybody! I am sure others will benefit from your tips. If you have more affordable brands to share, let me know.

Lastly, I want to show you an example of how expensive or how cheap your project can be.

Here's a garter stitch scarf I made out of 3 balls of the delicious Rowan Big Wool. Cost of project: $45.-- :


I made the same scarf with two balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Cost of project: $16.--. Granted, Rowan Big Wool is 100% animal fiber, but hey, if money isn't abundant, guess what I am going for?


Oh, the pattern you might wonder? With needle size #17 cast on 18 stitches and knit every row. You will need between 200-250 yrds of super bulky wool. Easy peasy!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!




Your hair is so cute! I love

Your hair is so cute! I love a good haircut! It makes me feel all sassy again.

Same here! When my haircut is

Same here! When my haircut is great, I feel great :)

I like your hair!

Wow, did you go to a specific time for the discount? I always cut my hair in my bathroom. haha... J

J, guess what I have been

J, guess what I have been doing for the past 7 months? Snip, snip, snip do it your self haircut in the bathroom!

Arrojo has a special: if you book an appointment with one of the junior stylists, bring a friend and you get two cuts for the price of one. Score!


What a fab post and look! A

What a fab post and look! A bit of style, (hair) fashion and a new 'blink and it's done and so trendy' pattern. Nancy - you rock! 

Be sure to watch this space,

Be sure to watch this space, Rikke! More style and fashion coming at you from Getting Purly With It.

As for my patterns, minimum effort for maximum effect :)  Simple and drama free!

By the way, there is some stunning knitwear coming from London. Lots of innovative designers bringing it on the runways...LOVE THAT.

Love love love your new

Love love love your new hair!!!!!xoxoxoxoxo

Thank you, I love it too!

Thank you, I love it too! Big, wavy, curly and frizzy is baaaack!

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